Kyle and Corey 69

Kyle and Corey suck each others cock 69 and facial cum shot

Kyle was visiting his friend in the San Diego area and called to ask about doing another scene. He enjoyed the hand job received during his previous visit and was ready to step it up this time around if they could hook him up with a cute guy. They hooked Corey up with Kyle thinking that two of their popular uncut boys would be great together. When Corey arrived for the shoot he was quite nervous and kept fidgeting with his dick. Corey keeps pretty quiet during the interview too. Good thing that Kyle is horny and ready to get started. Kyle gets Corey stripped naked and puts his head down to play with and suck on Corey’s cock. The licking and sucking from Kyle¬† is all the stimulation that Corey needed! His dick gets hard and his mood changes from anxious introvert to experimental sex kitten. In a move that caught me off guard, Corey reaches down out of the blue to force Kyle’s head down. Within seconds his dick is rock hard and he is rocking his hips to thrust his dick into Kyle’s mouth. Corey is more talkative while face fucking Kyle than he was for the entire interview as he does a Jeff Stryker impersonation “Oh fuck! Ya, suck that cock” as his cock seems to keep getting longer. I literally laughed out loud as Kyle makes a face right into the camera with Corey’s dick moving in and out of his mouth. You gotta love amateur porn! At least the both of them are having fun and I was starting to get into it too.

Something must happen to Corey because he starts to go quiet again and starts to get soft. That’s okay though because he’s ready to return the favor to his hairy chested mountain man friend. As soon as Corey’s mouth is over top of Kyle’s dick, it gets hard. Really hard. Corey does his best to suck Kyle’s dick but can only get about half of it in without starting to gag. Kyle’s dick and balls are soon covered with a stream of saliva running from Corey’s mouth due to his inability to swallow. Cory keeps playing with his dick as he blows Kyle. When the camera guy sees that Cory is hard again he asks if they want to 69. Kyle says hell ya and moves into position for Corey to be on top. After a few minutes of the simultaneous cock sucking Kyle kneels beside Corey to face fuck him. Just like Corey did earlier, Kyle puts his hands behind Corey’s head to force his cock into the smooth college jocks face. As Corey starts to gag again Kyle jerks his load across Corey’s face. His whole body spasms as the jizz shoots from his dick and splashes the pillows beside and under Corey’s head. Kyle stays at Corey’s side to offer support as he jerks his own load out onto his smooth chest and stomach. Both guys say that had a good time during the filming. I definitely had a good time watching them.

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