Javier Does Luke Milan

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In this latest scene from our friends at Bait Buddies a hairy straight Latino dude Javier Ramirez is paired up with a well hung 25 year old gay boy Luke Milan. Luke knows that he is at the studio to have sex with a guy and is expecting to get fucked. Javier believes that he is going to be paid to fuck some bitches on camera. The producer gets both guys talking and striped naked. Javier has dark skin, a hairy chest, and a fine butt. Luke is smooth chested, lean, and sports a thick 8 inch dick that is so big soft that I doubt it gets much bigger when it’s hard. Both guys are sitting beside each other jerking their hard dicks when the producer informs Javier that the girls have not shown but he will pay him double if he has sex with Luke. Hell, I’d pay them to have sex with Luke. Javier says yes and walks back towards Luke who starts sucking the straight guys dick. Javier must not mind the expert sucking skill of Luke because his cock goes from semi hard to rock solid and throbbing with only a few bobs of Luke’s head on his shaft. The guys switch positions and Javier sucks Luke’s massive 8 inch cock. Watching that long fat dick go into Javier’s mouth is awesome but Luke came to the shoot ready to be fucked and Javier isn’t too keen on sucking his new porn partners dick so…

Luke gets on all fours with his ass in the air and ready to be penetrated by Javier. Javier puts on a condom and moves up behind Luke to examine his tight hairless ass before pushing his hard dick up the gay guy’s butt. Javier doesn’t look very big in the dick department and is certainly smaller than Luke but Luke seems to love every inch of his hairy buddies dick. Javier fucks Luke from behind then flips him onto his back and lifts his legs. Javier continues to pound Luke while Luke jacks himself off. Luke shoots his stream of cum out onto his smooth chest and stomach as Javier continues to move in and out of his tight butt. It doesn’t take long until Javier is depositing his own jizz onto Luke’s smooth body. The little devil that Luke is, he takes the straight guys cum covered dick and puts it against his own cock to rub them together. The look on Javier’s face as his super sensitive dick is rubbed against another man’s cock is worth the price of admission to view this video at Bait Buddies.

Hairy straight guy gets dick sucked then fucks big dicked gay boy up the ass

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