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David Taylor: Jack Off Now – Sex Later

David Taylor found out about Broke Straight Boys from an ad on a popular website. He thought it was for a straight porn company and visited BSB with his wife one night. He tells us that she was turned on by the idea of him possibly having sex with another guy and they definitely need the money with the holidays coming up so…

Like most of the guys who do their first porn performance, David was nervous at first but he was excited to get started and wastes no time getting undressed. His mind was put at ease a bit too when he is told that today’s performance will be a jack off only. He strips down to his white briefs and sits on the famous casting futon to start stroking his cock. There is obviously a porn playing in the corner of the room as David’s attention is totally on that and his dick. Once hard he slides his underwear completely off and relaxes a bit. He moves his hands away to give us a look at his average sized dick with all natural, untrimmed pubes. David has a smooth body with a thin dark trail running south from his belly. Except for being naked and jerking off, David looks like an average guy that could live next door. That is actually what I like best about him and amateur porn in general. After a few minutes of stroking and some compliments to boost his ego, David relaxes and starts to pay more attention to pleasuring himself rather than the porn on the TV. He plays with his nipples, rubs his balls, and has a very content look on his face. At one point the owner of BSB moves in to feel David’s cock. His giant hand strokes David’s dick for a short period and David seems to love it as he almost instantly gets ready to cum. With a short warning of impending action, David takes over to jerk out his own load. The cum flies from his dick to splatter on his thigh and lower stomach area. The cum makes a very nice looking mess and the big smile on his face is a sure sign that he enjoyed himself. When he is finished they ask David if he up to coming back and doing another scene with a guy. David says yes with little thought. Guess we’ll be seeing more of this horny broke straight boy in action soon.

22 year old straight guy jacks off and cums for first time on camera

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Michael’s Back to Jack

watch both of Michael’s videos here

Michael is a 21 year old that knows what he likes, what he wants, and how to get it. In this (his second) jack off video at Squirtz he tells us that he likes to bottom for guys with nice cock. He gets into a few positions to show potential tops how he likes to be fucked and we get an up close view of his semi hairy hole. He completely shaves his other pubes for a nice clean look. It certainly isn’t to make his dick look bigger. He sports an 8 inch dick that looks bigger on his twink-like body. The camera guy circles the bed and even gets under him a few times for a 360 view of every inch of his body, cock, and big smooth ball sack. Once Michael gets to it, he jacks his dick hard until shooting a stream of jizz across his smooth chest and tummy.

Michael jacks his cut 8 inch cock

Zander is in the War Chest

Zander shows off his tight tattooed body and big hard dick

Zandre’s video is streaming now in the war chest

Ya gotta love it when Dink brings back hotties like Zander. This 21 year old Buffalo native did a solo photo shoot for Active duty and then a jerk off video. As you can see in his pictures, Zander is a very good looking guy. He has just above average looks fully dressed. He looks nice shirtless showing off the tattoo on his smooth chest and his toned hairy belly. As he pulls his pants down to give us a peek at his cock Zander becomes all that much more exciting. In the video he is such a tease. You gotta love these straight guys that know the camera guy wants in on the fun but can’t. Even soft, Zander has a good looking cock. Dink must have thought so as well because he smiles when seeing it and Zander’s personality changes. Zander’s cock gets hard with nearly any stroking and he starts egging Dink to come over and take care of him. With a dude as cute and hung as as Zander you know that it won’t be long before someone takes him up on his offer for a hand job. Dink moves in to massage his rock hard cock. As Dink’s hand moves up and down the shaft, Zander’s balls tighten up to his body and his legs start to tense just before he blows a huge load. The cum shoots out onto his stomach then continues flowing out covering Zander’s cock and Dink’s hand with a thick layer of cum. You can see the solo pictures as well as Zander’s hand job video this week in the war chest at Active Duty.

Kyle and Corey 69

Kyle and Corey suck each others cock 69 and facial cum shot

Kyle was visiting his friend in the San Diego area and called to ask about doing another scene. He enjoyed the hand job received during his previous visit and was ready to step it up this time around if they could hook him up with a cute guy. They hooked Corey up with Kyle thinking that two of their popular uncut boys would be great together. When Corey arrived for the shoot he was quite nervous and kept fidgeting with his dick. Corey keeps pretty quiet during the interview too. Good thing that Kyle is horny and ready to get started. Kyle gets Corey stripped naked and puts his head down to play with and suck on Corey’s cock. The licking and sucking from Kyle¬† is all the stimulation that Corey needed! His dick gets hard and his mood changes from anxious introvert to experimental sex kitten. In a move that caught me off guard, Corey reaches down out of the blue to force Kyle’s head down. Within seconds his dick is rock hard and he is rocking his hips to thrust his dick into Kyle’s mouth. Corey is more talkative while face fucking Kyle than he was for the entire interview as he does a Jeff Stryker impersonation “Oh fuck! Ya, suck that cock” as his cock seems to keep getting longer. I literally laughed out loud as Kyle makes a face right into the camera with Corey’s dick moving in and out of his mouth. You gotta love amateur porn! At least the both of them are having fun and I was starting to get into it too.

Something must happen to Corey because he starts to go quiet again and starts to get soft. That’s okay though because he’s ready to return the favor to his hairy chested mountain man friend. As soon as Corey’s mouth is over top of Kyle’s dick, it gets hard. Really hard. Corey does his best to suck Kyle’s dick but can only get about half of it in without starting to gag. Kyle’s dick and balls are soon covered with a stream of saliva running from Corey’s mouth due to his inability to swallow. Cory keeps playing with his dick as he blows Kyle. When the camera guy sees that Cory is hard again he asks if they want to 69. Kyle says hell ya and moves into position for Corey to be on top. After a few minutes of the simultaneous cock sucking Kyle kneels beside Corey to face fuck him. Just like Corey did earlier, Kyle puts his hands behind Corey’s head to force his cock into the smooth college jocks face. As Corey starts to gag again Kyle jerks his load across Corey’s face. His whole body spasms as the jizz shoots from his dick and splashes the pillows beside and under Corey’s head. Kyle stays at Corey’s side to offer support as he jerks his own load out onto his smooth chest and stomach. Both guys say that had a good time during the filming. I definitely had a good time watching them.

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Owen Jacks Off In The Kitchen

Owen gives a tour of his kitchen then strips and jerks his uncut cock

watch Ownen’s preview video here

Owen is back showing off his tattoos and hard cock as he jerks off in his own NYC kitchen. As he gives the tour of his kitchen and talks about his cooking skills it is obvious that this amateur is ready to get down to action. He keeps rubbing his dick through his jeans and as soon as the camera guy says show us your cock Owen instantly drops his pants and underwear to show his soft uncut dick. After removing all his clothes except socks he spreads his cheeks and gives us a view of his smooth NYC boy butt. The ass action doesn’t last long as Own is more focused on his cock. He sits on the counter near the sink and gets to work stroking his hard cock. Owen knows what he likes as he masturbates… he licks his own armpit and rubs his pink nipples just below a huge eagle tattoo on his smooth chest. Owen doesn’t make a lot of noise as he jerks his cock and gives little to no warning except for the flexing of his whole body just before he shoots his cum out. In my opinion, Owen is one of the cutest of amateur NYC guys that get off at Dirty Boy Videos.

Tony Gets Another Unforgettable Blow Job

Hairy straight guy gets oral sex from a professional gay cocksucker

Straight new yorker Tony hasn’t been able to think right since he got the best blow job of his life a few weeks ago at his friend’s bachelor party. He couldn’t take it any longer and called his friend that runs NY Straight Men. Tony flat out said he was horny and just wanted a blowjob that could match the one he received a few weeks ago. They told Tony to come over and they would set him up for another dick sucking that he wasn’t soon going to forget. Tony arrived about 30 minutes later wearing a pair of sweat pants that did nothing to conceal his already hard cock underneath. Tony is introduced to Mark, the newest of the lucky men that blow and rim the hairy straight men and without a moment of hesitation walks right over to get started. Mark gets down to his knees and gets right to work lowering Tony’s pants to take his hard cock into his ready mouth. Mark was warned before Tony arrived that Tony had high expectations when it comes to his oral sex. Mark was ready and did everything he could to satisfy Tony’s big hairy dick. Mark takes the entire length in his mouth while playing with Tony’s balls. Tony is loving Mark’s oral abilities and lays down on the table to relax and enjoy the attention. It doesn’t take long before Tony is ready to shoot. He gives Mark a brief warning before shooting cum onto his hairy stomach.

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Jay’s Outdoor Jerk Off

Jay jacks outside and shoots a big load of cum

watch Jay’s full screen cum shot here

21 year old Jay is originally from California where he played soccer and trained in swimming with the US Olympic team. Now he works as a production assistant with Southern Strokes and recently accompanied the team to Texas to shoot new southern studs. One afternoon after a hot suck & fuck session with a few of the new guys everyone wanted to see this cute guy get naked. Jay has been around porn enough to know you don’t pass up opportunities to get paid to jack off so… Jay moves over to a cement patio in the shade of a big tree and starts. He does the usual first timer interview where he reveals that he is a towering 6 feet 4 inches tall and a lean 175 pounds. Aside from the stuff he says, you can’t help but notice the big beaming smile on his boyish freckled face. Jay strips down to his green briefs and starts rubbing his smooth body and cock. Jay lowers his shorts to let his already hard 7 inch dick out for some skin on skin attention. He uses one hand to stroke his hard dick while rubbing and massaging his body and balls with the other. A few times the camera moves up his hairless torso to his face that has a look that is a cross between intense concentration and extreme pleasure. Jay obviously knows hos to work his own cock and shoots a big stream of cum through the air that splatters on his upper chest and leaves a trail down his body across his flat tummy. Seeing all that cum on Jay’s silky skin makes me so hungry for more of this amateur southern boy cock. Lets hope that some other models can talk Jay into doing more than jerking off the next time.





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