Thank You Sir – May I Have Another

Frat pledges are forced to suck dick and the smallest guy gets fucked

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The college frat boys are back in full swing with a new group of pledges to humiliate and abuse as universities around the country get back in session. This group of pledges are subjected to traditional hazing to the extreme in one young college boys case.

Three members of the fraternity are initiating five new recruits into the brotherhood. Two of the guys are taller than the other three and seem to be spared the sexual torment that the three shorter guys go through. All 5 are commanded to remove their pants and underwear. They are verbally abused by the masters who wear black robes over their jeans and tee shirts. The three shorter guys are ordered to drop and do push ups while the taller two tea bag them with their exposed balls. After a series of push ups the guys are taken to a long wooden table where the classic “Thank you sir! May I have another?” bare assed paddling takes place. The humiliation for two of the pledges has been pretty even till now. The guys are kneeling on the floor and forced to suck the hard cock of one of the taller pledges. The guy at the end of the line is a lean dark haired jock type with a scruffy face. Being he is last to suck, he is the one to take the cum shot. The pledge master is generous and allows the cock sucking pledge to take the spray onto his shirtless chest rather than in his mouth. The smallest of the pledges is the one who really takes it up the ass though. Literally! The small framed college boy is placed in the center of the room with his exposed cock and bare ass there for everyone to see. Again, one of the taller pledges takes up the position of authority and lifts the legs of the small skinny guy to fuck him in the ass. He must feel sorry for the little guy because he goes pretty gentle on him. The redhead pledge in the checkered button down shirt isn’t so nice. He bends the smaller pledge over the table and fucks the hell out of his tight college boy ass while the others stand back and watch. These underclassmen don’t look like they had much fun at the hands of the pledge master but I sure had fun watching.

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