Connor & Diego Get Each Other Off

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Connor and Diego are buddies at the sexy Sigma Phi Fraternity. The guys are watching a straight porn video together and start to get horny and wanting to jerk off. Diego lowers his boxers and starts jacking off with Connor next to him on the bed. Before long Connor has his uncut cock out as well and both guys are jerking together. Diego is interested in Connors uncut piece of meat and reaches over to lend a friendly hand. Connor returns the favor leaning over and taking Diego’s hard cock in his mouth and starts sucking. Diego doesn’t mind that Connor has never sucked dick before. After all, a warm wet mouth is a warm wet mouth and it feels good so… Diego continues to fuck Connor’s virgin mouth until he shoots his load. Diego is a good sport and moves down to jerk off Connor. I guess a hand job for a friend that just blew you is the least you can do. Diego pumps the blond guys dick until he sprays his jizz across his smooth belly. Both guys are satisfied and messy so they head to the shower together at the Straight Fraternity.

Straight college buddies help each other get off while watching a porno vid

plenty of gay sex at the straight frat house

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