Cliff Rubs One Out

tattooed 22 year old straight guy stands naked and jerks his hard dick

Cliff is a 22 year old straight guy next door that describes himself as an adrenaline junkie. He loves showing off his tattoos and has an exhibitionist streak in him about as wide as his smile so getting naked and jerking off on camera was a real thrill. Cliff has never jacked off in front of anyone before let alone on the internet. There are a few things I like about Cliff: he looks like he is having fun and smiles throughout the entire video, his arm tattoo, his smooth lean body, and finally his hard cock. Cliff is an average looking guy that you could probably talk to at a party or out and about on campus. His open personality is why the photographer at Spunkworthy approached him in the first place. Cliff has fun taking off his clothes and posing shirtless on the arm of the sofa. He hasn’t developed any chest hair yet and has a dark trail of hair that runs from his belly to his short trimmed pubes. Cliff doesn’t get hard until he settles down and starts stroking. Once he is relaxed his dick gets good and hard. Cliff lays back on the couch and uses both hands to jerk his cock and rub his balls. His upper chest gets flushed and his breathing heavy just before he shoots his first online cumshot. The thick white cum looks great on his flat tanned belly. As the camera pans up from his cum covered dick and stomach to his face he still has a big smile. He really does love showing off his naked body and hard dick.

watch Cliff shoot his load at spunk worthy

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