Adrian Jacks For Court Costs Cash

21 year old Adrian recently ran afoul of the law back in his hometown of Portland and needs cash fast to pay his court costs. His buddy jokingly suggested he do a jack off scene for the cash and after a few e-mails he was on the casting couch of Broke Straight Boys doing his first porn appearance. Adrian is pretty open about his legal issues. Specifically he was charged with assault which is ironic considering two of his tattoos. One says “Death and Glory” and the other, a pair of brass knuckles. In addition to his four tats, Adrian has a pierced lip and two nipple rings. Once the interview is over Adrian sits back and starts jerking his dick. He has a little trouble at first and seems nervous in front of the camera. The producer puts on a straight porn video and gives him some lube to help. They do the trick nicely and Adrian’s dick is hard and dripping precum. He spends some quality time stroking his cock with both hands and different grips pausing only to add more lube when needed. Once he gets going his nervousness disappears and he puts on a nice show. Adrian jacks his hard dick until he spurts a wad of jizz onto his dark smooth stomach. After the initial few spurts a flow of cum continues to run from the head of his dick and covers his hand and shaft with thick man goo. Adrian has a big happy smile on his face after he finishes. The producer congratulates Adrian on his performance and offers the straight boy a chance to come back if interested. Adrian says sure he’d love to do another seen. I wonder if he has actually visited the site or watched what happens when straight boys come back for a second show.  It’s going to be great watching this straight boy suck dick and get fucked for the first time at Broke Straight Boys when he does.

Tattooed straight boy strokes his dick and shoots a load in his first jack off video

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