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Michael Myers Carves Himself a Happy Halloween

Naked twink mouth fucks a fresh cut jack-o-lantern with his huge uncut cock

Happy Halloween – Samhain – Devils Night – All Saints Day or what ever you celebrate. Watching amateur twink Michael carve this pumpkin then shoving in his big uncut dick should brighten your day and warm your night. No wonder Jack O has a big smile on his face.

Oh Man – Todd Beauman!

Ripped jock with tattoos and pierced nipples jerks his hard cock

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Wow! The guys at Randy Blue are really on a roll with hot blond boys. Last week we were treated to blond Russian stud Alexander Kudrov and now another wet dream cum true; Todd Beauman. There are certain things that really do it for me: cute looks, blonds & redheads, defined or ripped body, tattoos, body piercings, and self sucking ability. My problem is that very few men can meet all of those criteria so I usually pick guys that meet one or two. Todd is like Stacy’s Mom and has it ALL going on. Even fully dressed Todd is so damn cute. The blond hair, blue eyes, and come suck me grin. As Todd lifts his shirt we first see a set of ripped 6 pack abs that move up to a muscular chest with a very fine covering of hair and pierced nipples. Then the clincher, a big tattoo on his shoulder and another in the middle of his muscular V shaped back. Those qualities are already enough for me and I could care less about his cock or ass. Until I saw them anyways. Todd shows off his muscular body wearing only a designer red and white Andrew Christian jock strap. Hmmm that ass is so delicious! When Todd started he said he was straight and horny and looking at the bulge in that jock after he plays with his ass I certainly agree with the horny part. Todd releases his rock hard cock from its cage and gives it a good spanking. The intensity as he jacks off and every so often lets go his dick throbs and bobs on its own is amazing and rarely seen in porn. Like all the men at Randy Blue, Todd puts on a hell of a show. Except for the self sucking Todd Beauman is the perfecta of straight boy jerk off porn. You can watch his full length video with interview, strip show, jack off, and cum shot now in the members area of Randy Blue. While you are there, be sure to tell Randy we want more of Todd!

Jacob Junior Strokes His 8 Inch Dick

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Jacob Junior is an 18 year old French Canadian straight boy that already knows his dick is big. He has attempted to have sex with a few girls that couldn’t handle his thick 8.5 inch cock. Jacob seems to handle his big uncut cock fine on his own. As Jacob takes off his clothes we get a good look at his long lean body with plenty of ink and very little body hair. Jacob talks (in French) as he strips down to his underwear and begins to rub his cock. When he first lowers his red briefs his cock doesn’t look all that big. That is until it starts to get hard, then it becomes obvious that he is well endowed for sure! For a first time straight guy, Jacob doesn’t mind doing what ever the camera guy asks including showing off his ass and spreading his cheeks to give us an up close view of his hairy virgin hole. After the interview Jacob settles on the bed and strokes his monster cock to shoot his cum out onto his belly and chest. After very close evaluation of Jacob I’m sure that I know a good number of men who are very able to handle his big dick and a number more that would sure love to try.

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Cliff Rubs One Out

tattooed 22 year old straight guy stands naked and jerks his hard dick

Cliff is a 22 year old straight guy next door that describes himself as an adrenaline junkie. He loves showing off his tattoos and has an exhibitionist streak in him about as wide as his smile so getting naked and jerking off on camera was a real thrill. Cliff has never jacked off in front of anyone before let alone on the internet. There are a few things I like about Cliff: he looks like he is having fun and smiles throughout the entire video, his arm tattoo, his smooth lean body, and finally his hard cock. Cliff is an average looking guy that you could probably talk to at a party or out and about on campus. His open personality is why the photographer at Spunkworthy approached him in the first place. Cliff has fun taking off his clothes and posing shirtless on the arm of the sofa. He hasn’t developed any chest hair yet and has a dark trail of hair that runs from his belly to his short trimmed pubes. Cliff doesn’t get hard until he settles down and starts stroking. Once he is relaxed his dick gets good and hard. Cliff lays back on the couch and uses both hands to jerk his cock and rub his balls. His upper chest gets flushed and his breathing heavy just before he shoots his first online cumshot. The thick white cum looks great on his flat tanned belly. As the camera pans up from his cum covered dick and stomach to his face he still has a big smile. He really does love showing off his naked body and hard dick.

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Russian Newcomer – Alexander Kudrov

Blond haired Russian strokes his big uncut cock

There is something exotic about a guy with an accent. As if seeing newcomer Alexander Kudrov with his shirt off wasn’t reason enough; listening to him talk makes this blond Russian even more desirable. Alexander is the newest addition to the stable of totally hot amateur guys at Randy Blue and already he is one that I will be keeping an eye for for.  Alexander has a very cute face. His curly blond hair and smooth face give him a boyish look. When he takes off his shirt and strips down to his tight briefs there is nothing boyish about his muscular body. Alexi has a wonderful body! His chest and stomach has just a touch of hair and his ripped abs and smooth muscular ass are a result of his favorite leisure activities: horseback riding, judo, and ballroom dancing. Sounds like a weird list of activities but who cares if it produces results like this.

Alexander rubs his dick a bit through his tight underwear providing a outline of his big cock underneath. He shows off his smooth butt as he lowers his shorts then turns to give our first look at his semi hard uncut cock. Alexi’s foreskin covers the head of his dick as it stands from his body. He plays with the skin a bit before settling on the bed to jerk his long hard cock. It is hard to tell is Alexander is more cute or plain hot as he closes his eyes and massages his member. He has such a tranquil look on his face but flexes his abs and chest muscles as he strokes away. Over all the video of Alexander jerking is tame compared to other hardcore scenes at Randy Blue but this guy is so dang adorable that he will be some members favorite for sure.

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Adrian Jacks For Court Costs Cash

21 year old Adrian recently ran afoul of the law back in his hometown of Portland and needs cash fast to pay his court costs. His buddy jokingly suggested he do a jack off scene for the cash and after a few e-mails he was on the casting couch of Broke Straight Boys doing his first porn appearance. Adrian is pretty open about his legal issues. Specifically he was charged with assault which is ironic considering two of his tattoos. One says “Death and Glory” and the other, a pair of brass knuckles. In addition to his four tats, Adrian has a pierced lip and two nipple rings. Once the interview is over Adrian sits back and starts jerking his dick. He has a little trouble at first and seems nervous in front of the camera. The producer puts on a straight porn video and gives him some lube to help. They do the trick nicely and Adrian’s dick is hard and dripping precum. He spends some quality time stroking his cock with both hands and different grips pausing only to add more lube when needed. Once he gets going his nervousness disappears and he puts on a nice show. Adrian jacks his hard dick until he spurts a wad of jizz onto his dark smooth stomach. After the initial few spurts a flow of cum continues to run from the head of his dick and covers his hand and shaft with thick man goo. Adrian has a big happy smile on his face after he finishes. The producer congratulates Adrian on his performance and offers the straight boy a chance to come back if interested. Adrian says sure he’d love to do another seen. I wonder if he has actually visited the site or watched what happens when straight boys come back for a second show.  It’s going to be great watching this straight boy suck dick and get fucked for the first time at Broke Straight Boys when he does.

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Texas Studs Poolside Fuck

Straight Texas stud fucks amateur tennis player poolside

As fall gets into full swing in the north, the south is still warm and the trees are green. The photographer at Southern Strokes took a road trip to Texas for some fun and to find new first timers for us to watch getting off. Two of the hot Texas studs include Haigan and Tanner. Haigan is a straight 21 year old that is originally from Louisiana. Although his profile doesn’t say, my guess is that Haigan is a military man. His high and tight haircut and lean muscular body with tattoos is what makes me think that. Once his pants come off the other impressive part of Haigan becomes apparent;  his thick 9 inch cock. Tanner is a smaller guy of Asian ancestry that also has a very nice body. Tanner is an avid tennis player and all that running on the court have done wonderful things for this 18 year old’s abs, ass, and legs. Both guys did a jerk off video a few days before and stated an interest in coming back for more. Today they hook up and get it on at the edge of the pool and hot tub. Straight boy Haigan isn’t too much into gay sex but loves to get off and will get blown by anyone if it feels good. After the guys get naked and comfortable with each other Tanner goes down on Haigan’s fat dick and takes nearly the entire thing in his mouth. It isn’t long before Haigan is rock hard and ready to fuck. Tanner gets into a doggie position and takes Haigan’s long cock up his tight jock ass. From the look on Tanner’s face as the big piece of straight cock goes in, I’m guessing it has been a while since he has been fucked (if ever). Haigan goes slow at first, easing his big tool into Tanner’s tight butt. Once Tanner loosens up the ass pounding begins. Haigan slams his hard cock up the tennis players ass harder and faster. Tanner turns onto his back to stroke his own hard dick as Haigan continues to fuck him.  Both guys shoot their load onto Tanner’s dark 6 pack abs then clean up and relax some more in the hot tub.

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