Theo Jacks Off After Paintball

If you haven’t ever played paintball you can not understand how physically challenging and extreme it can be. It is almost constant running, ducking, and diving for cover as opponents fire plastic balls of paint at 120 feet a second at you. The best players are usually in shape with stamina. Theo loves to play paintball and from the looks of him; takes exceptional care of his athletic body.

Theo is the latest college jock to get naked and get off for us at FratMen TV. Theo took the photographer out to see what paintball is like. With his paintball gear on it’s difficult to see how good looking Theo really is. When he removes his mask we get a look at his face and big toothy grin. After a hard day of running and dodging paint there isn’t anything better than relaxing in a hot shower and jacking off. Lucky for us, Theo lets us come with as he gets undressed, jerks off, and lathers up his muscular body in the shower. Usually when I look at a guy there is a favorite part that defines him for me. With Theo that body part is his stomach. To be sure, Theo has an awesome appearance with a cute face, strong chest, broad shoulders, and defined arms but when my eyes moved down to his abs my mouth began to water and the blood to my crotch was flowing. He has six-pack abs that move down to a narrow waist with that V shape leading the eyes to his nice dick.

Theo doesn’t take much time to get hard and stays that way once he is. He takes time to play with his hard cock and show off his firm muscular butt while getting undressed, relaxing in bed, and showering. The shower part of the video is my favorite. The hot water running over his ripped body down to his erect cock standing out and dripping pre cum. Hmmm… I’d be his back scrubber any day!

Ripped paintball player strips naked and jacks off in the shower

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