Important News Regarding Active Duty Memberships

Important News:

Dink Flamingo announced yesterday (July 6, 2010) that Active Duty members will be able to download entire scenes from his premier Dirty Bird Pictures library. These downloads do not replace the 12 video streams already available in the members area. They are a summer time member bonus!

Currently all 5 scenes are online from Summer Recruits and are available for download in the members area. The scenes will be online until Sunday when 5 new scenes from a different title will be made available. The scenes will update twice a week so members can download up to 8 complete videos a month. If you were to buy the DVDs they would cost $29 each and up. You can get them (DRM Free) on your computer for the monthly membership price of only $24.95. Dink has not said what video will go online next or how long this offer will last so head over to Active Duty now to start downloading Summer Recruits.

Screen Caps from Summer Recruits

Click to download now

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