Bearded Amateur Shoots Big Cum Load

When I first seen Garrett on Dick Show I thought his face looked a little like Mathew Broderick if MB was ever to grow a beard. Aside from the Broderick similarity, there isn’t much that is extraordinary. Garrett is a tall average looking man with short dark hair and a nicely trimmed beard. When he takes off his shirt we get a glimpse at a few small tats and his thin smooth chest. It’s beneath the pants where Garrett stands out. He takes his soft dick out and strokes it until it gets rock hard then puts on an amateur jerk off show like he’s a pro porn star. His dick flows precum like a faucet that runs down the shaft and covers his hand as he strokes. I love when amateur guys get a chance to show their stuff and that is exactly what he does. Garrett strokes his hard cock and shoots a big load of jizz that leaves a trail of cum from the middle of his chest all the way down to his trimmed pubes.

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  • andrew:

    love pre cum….i had a massage from a really hot guy once and I thought I blew in my jocks but it was only precum, gees he turned me on.

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