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Lanky Island First Timer

The owner/photographer of Island Studs says that the stories of each model are true. If that is the case, horny guys like me should pack up and move to Hawaii now. He says that he picked up Steve while hitch hiking on the way to the beach. After an hour or so of swimming in the ocean Steve came up treading water and started chatting. The owner was impressed with Steve’s candor and youthful good looks and asked him if he ever thought about posing nude. Steve seemed interested and went back to do a shoot.

Steve is a thin 21 year old with an outgoing personality that matches his friendly smile. He is eager to put on a good show for the site’s members. Steve says that he played football in high school and still likes to work out and keep in shape. He has a lean body a nice chest and shoulders and a flat stomach. His chest is smooth but his crotch hair is all natural (like most of the guys at Island Studs). The real joy for me watching Steve is when he takes his shorts down. Steve has a nice uncut cock! It’s already semi hard as he lowers his shorts and even in an excited state there is plenty of foreskin hanging from the head of his dick. I think Steve was really turned on performing in front of the camera too because his dick gets hard as still pictures are snapped without even touching it. It slowly moves from limp to erect all on its own. Steve shows off his hairy ass crack and big balls as he strokes his throbbing cock. He isn’t much of a shooter as far as cum shots go but does let a nice load of cum run down the shaft of his hard cock to the hairy base and balls. Perfect for someone to lick up and clean off for him. Instead, Steve cleans up in the shower where we get to see his tanned body and uncut cock glisten in the warm water.

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Bearded Amateur Shoots Big Cum Load

When I first seen Garrett on Dick Show I thought his face looked a little like Mathew Broderick if MB was ever to grow a beard. Aside from the Broderick similarity, there isn’t much that is extraordinary. Garrett is a tall average looking man with short dark hair and a nicely trimmed beard. When he takes off his shirt we get a glimpse at a few small tats and his thin smooth chest. It’s beneath the pants where Garrett stands out. He takes his soft dick out and strokes it until it gets rock hard then puts on an amateur jerk off show like he’s a pro porn star. His dick flows precum like a faucet that runs down the shaft and covers his hand as he strokes. I love when amateur guys get a chance to show their stuff and that is exactly what he does. Garrett strokes his hard cock and shoots a big load of jizz that leaves a trail of cum from the middle of his chest all the way down to his trimmed pubes.

Ginger Jake Jerks Off

Amateur red haired twink Jake takes out his big uncut cock and jerks off at Dick Show. The pre cum flows as Jake jerks faster and gets flushed. Watching this smooth twink work his fat dick until it lets loose a flow of cum that runs down the long shaft is the next best thing to being there to lick it up in person.

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Rocky Blackwell Self Sucks His Uncut Dick

Alternative dude Rocky Blackwell is a triple bonus or more depending on what you are in to. Triple bonus for me because he has three of my favorite characteristics:  redhead, inked, and he self sucks. The redhead bit is touchy but if you look close at his beard it is a definite red. Of course there are other things that I like about him as well like his long uncut cock and the excitement he shows from the rooftop where he takes off his shirt and shows off his long thick cock and foreskin. To be honest, if I was to see Rocky on the street fully clothed I may have given him a brief second look but after watching him suck his own dick and play with his big cock I’d do a lot more than look. To get your second look be sure to check out his self sucking video at Alterna Dudes.

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Important News Regarding Active Duty Memberships

Important News:

Dink Flamingo announced yesterday (July 6, 2010) that Active Duty members will be able to download entire scenes from his premier Dirty Bird Pictures library. These downloads do not replace the 12 video streams already available in the members area. They are a summer time member bonus!

Currently all 5 scenes are online from Summer Recruits and are available for download in the members area. The scenes will be online until Sunday when 5 new scenes from a different title will be made available. The scenes will update twice a week so members can download up to 8 complete videos a month. If you were to buy the DVDs they would cost $29 each and up. You can get them (DRM Free) on your computer for the monthly membership price of only $24.95. Dink has not said what video will go online next or how long this offer will last so head over to Active Duty now to start downloading Summer Recruits.

Screen Caps from Summer Recruits

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