Tattooed Straight Boy Shoots a Huge Load

Watch Mike get off for only $1

This broke straight boy Mike is a model I’ve seen around in solo and duo scenes at Broke Straight Boys but never paid much attention to. Man was that my loss! Mike is is very fun to watch and has a very pleasant personality too. Of the many scenes he has, I chose this one for 2 reasons: 1- it’s his first appearance so he has a sexy nervousness about him that real first timers show and 2- the cumshot in this video is absolutely phenomenal.

As usual, the producer talks to Mike and makes him comfortable as they get started. Once Mike is settled in a bit he is instructed to take off his clothes which he does. Mike talks about all of his tattoos and how much some of them hurt when he got them. Next, he lowers his white straight boy tighty whiteys so we get a good look at his soft dick hanging beneath a mound of dark pubes. Mike sits on the futon and starts stroking his dick until it’s good and hard. Then, the producer hands Mike a toy to play with. The toy is a translucent latex sleeve that looks like a fat cock with openings at both ends. Mike has trouble sliding the toy over his own hard cock so the producer helps to apply a generous amount of lube. That does the trick and Mike uses the masturbation toy hard and fast up and down his slippery lubed dick. Aside from the amazing cum shot, when Mike pokes the end of his hard dick through the toy is my favorite part. He has a look of shear pleasure and genuine bliss on his face. His breathing gets heavy as he gets close to cuming and his upper chest gets flushed. Then this boy shoots one of the 10 best cum shots I’ve seen in months. The jizz flies from the end of his dick up into the air and splatter on his hairy leg and groin area. The next 2-3 shoots stream across his smooth chest and the back of his hand up near his nipple. I watched the cum shot at least 4 times and finally decided to count; Mike shoots 6 times and I really mean shoots.

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