Calvin’s Double Cum Shot

Calvin is one of the latest straight guys to strip naked and get off for us at Spunk Worthy. The photographer found this 18 year old stud while taking care of some business at one of the college campuses around the San Diego area. When he approached Calvin about jerking off on camera for cash there was an instant yes answer with him saying “I’ve always wanted to do something like that”. Personally, I have an instant bias for Calvin because when I saw him he immediately reminded me of a guy I used to play beach volleyball with when I was younger. The face and body totally remind me of the days in the sun sweating on the beach with my shirtless partner. Calvin is a football player who does a lot of running and it shows in his lean upper body, muscular legs, and super sweet ass. At only 18 years old he doesn’t have a lot of hair on his chest but does have a little starting around his nipples and running from his belly down to the mound of natural, untrimmed pubes. Beyond Calvin’s cuteness, he also has a nice cock that he loves to show off and the photographer gives up plenty of close up pictures and video footage to watch. An added bonus is that Calvin gets off, stays hard, and gets off again in his debut double cum shot video. He really is spunk worthy.

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