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Calvin’s Double Cum Shot

Calvin is one of the latest straight guys to strip naked and get off for us at Spunk Worthy. The photographer found this 18 year old stud while taking care of some business at one of the college campuses around the San Diego area. When he approached Calvin about jerking off on camera for cash there was an instant yes answer with him saying “I’ve always wanted to do something like that”. Personally, I have an instant bias for Calvin because when I saw him he immediately reminded me of a guy I used to play beach volleyball with when I was younger. The face and body totally remind me of the days in the sun sweating on the beach with my shirtless partner. Calvin is a football player who does a lot of running and it shows in his lean upper body, muscular legs, and super sweet ass. At only 18 years old he doesn’t have a lot of hair on his chest but does have a little starting around his nipples and running from his belly down to the mound of natural, untrimmed pubes. Beyond Calvin’s cuteness, he also has a nice cock that he loves to show off and the photographer gives up plenty of close up pictures and video footage to watch. An added bonus is that Calvin gets off, stays hard, and gets off again in his debut double cum shot video. He really is spunk worthy.

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Skinny Guy Jerks His Monster Cock

I’ve never been able to figure how these really skinny guys end up with those monster cocks. This guy Johnny over at Dick Show is a perfect example. Johnny can’t possibly weigh more than 140 pounds and 5 pounds of that is his swinging cock. He is so thin that you can see his ribs through his chest as he breaths. Now don’t get me wrong, I think this boy is CUTE. I love skinny guys and the ones like him that are good looking and well hung are hard to find.

Johnny says that he is straight but does not currently have a girlfriend. He probably scares the virgins away when they see the dick of death hanging between his legs. Johnny takes off his shirt and lowers his jeans to start stroking his dick under the boxers he is wearing. After enough time to let it expand he takes it out through the fly and gives us a really good look. With a few more strokes it is good and hard and looking damn nice. Johnny lowers his boxers to show off a completely smooth set of low hanging balls and a hairless upper penis area. Some guys think that by shaving their pubes makes their junk look bigger. Johnny is proof that it isn’t the shaving that makes a cock look bigger; it’s just a big cock that makes a cock look bigger. He doesn’t need to shave or anything else. When he wraps both hands around the thick shaft and strokes away there is no doubt that this boy is hung! After a bit of showing off his horse dick he relaxes back into the chair and shoots a nice puddle of cum across his skinny hairless stomach.

Jayden Fucks Skyelr Poolside

Jayden was hanging out at the Southern Strokes pool and getting more horny by the minute. The owner knew that Skyelr had a thing for Jayden and wanted his cock so they invited him over. The attraction was instant as the two southern boys started making out and undressing each other. Within minutes both guys are out of their swim suites and naked by the pool. Skyelr goes down first and starts sucking on Jayden’s dick. Hungry for cock himself, Jayden turns so that him and Skyelr can 69. With lots of Jayden’s saliva running down Skyelr’s dick and balls his ass becomes wet and ready. Jayden takes advantage of the situation and fucks Skyelr in a few different positions. Jayden is gentle with the boys ass at first but with Skyelr moaning for more Jayden slams the naked guys ass harder and faster right up until he pulls out and shoots his cum onto Skyelr’s wet back and ass. Poolside scenes like this in HD is why the air is hot and wet at Southern Strokes.

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Tattooed Straight Boy Shoots a Huge Load

Watch Mike get off for only $1

This broke straight boy Mike is a model I’ve seen around in solo and duo scenes at Broke Straight Boys but never paid much attention to. Man was that my loss! Mike is is very fun to watch and has a very pleasant personality too. Of the many scenes he has, I chose this one for 2 reasons: 1- it’s his first appearance so he has a sexy nervousness about him that real first timers show and 2- the cumshot in this video is absolutely phenomenal.

As usual, the producer talks to Mike and makes him comfortable as they get started. Once Mike is settled in a bit he is instructed to take off his clothes which he does. Mike talks about all of his tattoos and how much some of them hurt when he got them. Next, he lowers his white straight boy tighty whiteys so we get a good look at his soft dick hanging beneath a mound of dark pubes. Mike sits on the futon and starts stroking his dick until it’s good and hard. Then, the producer hands Mike a toy to play with. The toy is a translucent latex sleeve that looks like a fat cock with openings at both ends. Mike has trouble sliding the toy over his own hard cock so the producer helps to apply a generous amount of lube. That does the trick and Mike uses the masturbation toy hard and fast up and down his slippery lubed dick. Aside from the amazing cum shot, when Mike pokes the end of his hard dick through the toy is my favorite part. He has a look of shear pleasure and genuine bliss on his face. His breathing gets heavy as he gets close to cuming and his upper chest gets flushed. Then this boy shoots one of the 10 best cum shots I’ve seen in months. The jizz flies from the end of his dick up into the air and splatter on his hairy leg and groin area. The next 2-3 shoots stream across his smooth chest and the back of his hand up near his nipple. I watched the cum shot at least 4 times and finally decided to count; Mike shoots 6 times and I really mean shoots.

Straight Military Stud – Styx

Styx is the latest addition of straight military men that do gay porn at Active Duty. This guy is a hunk! He has an amazing body that goes beyond morning PT. You can tell that he spends some serious time working out. His big tattoos that cover his shoulder and flank area accent his muscular upper body well. Styx masculine body is balanced by his boyish face and big ears that make him so cute. While Styx isn’t big in the dick department he isn’t small either. This straight guy is pure eye candy no matter the size of his cock and I’d gladly drop and give him 10 any day.

Naked Military Men at Active Duty

Surfer Dude Fucks Twink Bareback

Download the entire video here

Will and Mark are two horny 20 something guys that are ready to get it on from the start. Tony, the owner of Dirty Tony, hooks up the tall lanky twink Will with hairy tanned masculine surfer stud Mark. After some chatting about sex on the sofa the guys right to business as Will takes Mark’s cock all the way to his bushy untrimmed pubes. He finger’s Mark’s hairy ass as he sucks his cock; rarely taking a break for air. Mark is horned up beyond control and flips Will onto his back and shoves his 8 inch dick right up the twink’s hole with no condom and only a little spit for lube. Will begs for more as Mark fucks his sweet ass bareback. Mark pulls out in time to put his dick in Will’s mouth and feeds him every drop of cum that shoots from his throbbing cock.

Hairy Stock Broker Gets Blown

Kevin is a stock broker on Wall Street. Although straight, he was keen to the idea of receiving a no reciprocation necessary blow job with certain provisions. Kevin insisted that the person providing the blow not only suck his dick but spend generous amount of time licking his hairy ball sac. Kevin says that his girlfriend won’t lick his balls but it is his favorite when getting oral sex. The professional cock sucker at New York Straight Men was happy to spend just as much time on Kevin’s cock and balls. Kevin arrived nervous and had to take a piss before the action got started. Next Kevin sits on a wooden bench and gets undressed by the cock sucker. Kevin has a very hairy chest and stomach as well as completely natural untouched pubes and balls. If you like your guys hairy, you’re going to love Kevin. Once he is hard the two men move to a leather sofa where Kevin lays back and gets a comprehensive blow job with lots of tongue attention paid to the step children. Kevin squirms and cringes as he gets close stroking his cock as his balls are licked and sucked. He shoots a stream of cum through the air that lands behind him on the sofa and splatters across his hairy chest and stomach.

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