Tattooed Scally Lads Forest Fuck

Leighton and Ben are two fit and tattooed lads. Leighton has a nice lean tanned body and Ben has a set of pecs to admire. The boys meet in the woods for an afternoon of dick sucking and ass fucking action. They start with some heavy kissing and nipple play. Ben loves to have his nipples licked and nibbled on. Leighton works his way down from Ben’s sensitive nipples, lowers his trackies to reveal his semi hard 8 inch uncut cock and takes the whole thing in his mouth. After some expert cock sucking Ben reciprocates and sucks on Leighton’s dick until it is rock hard and throbbing. Leighton’s cock is ready for action and Ben is as randy as it gets. Leighton bends Ben over a fallen log and gives his shaved ass a tongue lashing and saliva bath. After opening Ben’s butt and thoroughly lubing it up with saliva Leighton slides his hard cock up Ben’s wet hole and gives him a proper pounding only stopping to spray his jizz across Bens back.

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