Straight Guys Play Gay Chicken

Gay Chicken is back at Straight Fraternity. This time the players are two tattooed frat brothers Brock and Colten and the prize is a chance to have sex with one of the girls at the next house party. After the game is explained the guys are told to take off their clothes and underwear. Both guys have tattoos. Brock has dark hair, a little beard, and a hairy chest. His dick looks kind of small as it hangs limp below a bushy mound of untrimmed pubes but his balls hang low and look big for sure. Colton has a smooth face and chest and an impressive looking cock that hangs very low even while soft. The two start the game with kissing that leads to cock sucking. Brock slaps his semi hard dick against Colten’s face but he refuses to say chicken. A jack off and cum shot contest is how the game comes to an end. To see who wins and all the straight boy action Go To Str8 Frat Now.
Straight guy slaps his friends face with his cock in game of gay chicken

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