US Marine Jerks Off With FleshJack

One of America’s finest, Gene lubes up his cock and fucks his favorite new masturbation toy, an IceJack from Fleshjack. Gene isn’t shy about his body or cock in the slightest. And why should he be? He has a rugged face with 5 o’clock scruff and a toned tattooed body as a result of USMC physical training. Gene gets so horny sometimes that his dick gets hard for no reason. Today it had a good reason though. The guys at Spunk Worthy gave Gene a new jack off toy to play with. Gene’s cock gets hard with no problems and he about laughs when he first sees the clear toy. His humor changes to sexual gratification as he applies a liberal amount of lube to his throbbing cock then slides it into his new best friend. He writhes with pleasure as he moves the toy over the shaft of his cock. The intensity increases and Gene thrusts his hips and fucks the toy hard before shooting his load into the air. Gene has an explosive cum shot that goes way up in the air and splatters onto his stomach.

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