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Petty Officer Tanner Sucks 8 Inch Uncut Cock

Tall and hung civilian America tells us that his girl friend isn’t very good at sucking his dick and he is ready for Petty Officer Tanner to show off his oral pleasure skills. It is no wonder America’s girlfriend has trouble. His uncut dick is at least 8 inches long! As Tanner lowers America’s shorts his dick is already hard and looks big. With a semi hairy chest and all natural pubes America is not the typical guy you see in amateur gay porn. Tanner takes the big dick into his mouth and gives America one of the best blow jobs he has ever had. America shoots his load onto Petty Officer Tanner’s face in a show of complete satisfaction. Watch police officers, military, and firefighters get off at All American Heroes.

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College Jocks Jack Off and Shower Together

Jayden and Cole are two ripped college jocks from Fratmen TV. Each of these hot guys could carry a show on their own but together; it is pure magic. Both have great bodies developed from hours in the gym. One has a semi hairy chest and stomach with 6 pack abs and a thick juicy cock. The other model has a hairless chest and abs and sports a cock with a nice upward curve that stands out and looks great as he strokes it. The guys both say they are straight so the action starts pretty tame with them jerking off together in bed and watching a porn that is playing on the computer. Then, to everyone’s surprise, one of the guys reaches over and starts stroking his buddy’s meat. That is about as far as the sex goes on the bed; but, as the two step into the shower with both cocks still fully erect and ready to shoot the action  goes to the next level as Cole and Jayden swap blow jobs in the shower. Head over to Frat Men now to check it out and watch the full video.

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First Timer Micah Pounds Justin’s Ass Bareback

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Blonde haired bisexual boy Micah came from Colorado to do his first gay porn shoot with Dirty Tony. 21 year old Micah has a girlfriend and a boyfriend back home so he gets plenty of practice using his cock to satisfy his sex partners. He meets up with power bottom Justin and the two discuss MMA and blow jobs from straight guys. Both boys have a wrestling background and were comfortable playing a little rough. Micah pounds Justin’s ass bareback every way from Sunday as Justin pants and takes every hard that Micah throws into him. The action is intense at times with Micah eventually pulling out to shoot his cum all over Justin’s cute face.

Tattooed Scally Lads Forest Fuck

Leighton and Ben are two fit and tattooed lads. Leighton has a nice lean tanned body and Ben has a set of pecs to admire. The boys meet in the woods for an afternoon of dick sucking and ass fucking action. They start with some heavy kissing and nipple play. Ben loves to have his nipples licked and nibbled on. Leighton works his way down from Ben’s sensitive nipples, lowers his trackies to reveal his semi hard 8 inch uncut cock and takes the whole thing in his mouth. After some expert cock sucking Ben reciprocates and sucks on Leighton’s dick until it is rock hard and throbbing. Leighton’s cock is ready for action and Ben is as randy as it gets. Leighton bends Ben over a fallen log and gives his shaved ass a tongue lashing and saliva bath. After opening Ben’s butt and thoroughly lubing it up with saliva Leighton slides his hard cock up Ben’s wet hole and gives him a proper pounding only stopping to spray his jizz across Bens back.

Michael Strokes 7 Hard Inches In Homemade Jack Off Video

Its guys like Michael that keep me going (or cuming) back to You Love Jack. In his homemade video he strokes his thick 7 inch cock, fingers his hairy hole, and shoots a load of cum onto his brown tee shirt. Michael starts by playing with his dick through his boxers until it is good and hard. It looks impressive as it stretches his underwear. It looks even more impressive when he takes it out! For a little guy, Michael has a very nice cock. It is about 7 inches long with an upward curve and THICK. Michaels big dick isn’t the only thing that impresses. He has a cute face and blue-gray eyes that say come fuck me please. From the way he fingers his hairy asshole I’m about 99% sure that this boy can take it as well as give it. He smiles and pauses with pleasure every time his inserts his wet finger up his pleasure hole. All good things cum to an end and Micheal’s jack off video is no exception except that this ending is exciting as he shoots his cum into the air and it splatters onto his brown tee shirt. Watch Micheal’s full length video at You Love Jack.

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Straight Guys Play Gay Chicken

Gay Chicken is back at Straight Fraternity. This time the players are two tattooed frat brothers Brock and Colten and the prize is a chance to have sex with one of the girls at the next house party. After the game is explained the guys are told to take off their clothes and underwear. Both guys have tattoos. Brock has dark hair, a little beard, and a hairy chest. His dick looks kind of small as it hangs limp below a bushy mound of untrimmed pubes but his balls hang low and look big for sure. Colton has a smooth face and chest and an impressive looking cock that hangs very low even while soft. The two start the game with kissing that leads to cock sucking. Brock slaps his semi hard dick against Colten’s face but he refuses to say chicken. A jack off and cum shot contest is how the game comes to an end. To see who wins and all the straight boy action Go To Str8 Frat Now.
Straight guy slaps his friends face with his cock in game of gay chicken

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Tattooed Farm Boy’s Outdoor Jerk Off

The photographer for Island Studs picked up Avery hitchhiking along a road in Hawaii. The two got to talking and the photographer made Avery an offer to model. Avery was a little shocked. He moved to Hawaii only a few years ago and was raised in a conservative farming family in rural Ohio. Since his move, Avery has let his hair grow long and gotten a few tattoos as well. Avery said yes as long as he could pick the spot. The photographer showed up to shoot Avery’s jerk off video he was already sitting on a cliff overlooking the beach with his hard cock in hand. Avery has a little trouble getting hard in front of a stranger at first but that goes away soon after he starts looking at some straight porn. He strokes his hard cock, shows off his smooth muscular body, and shoots his load relaxing at the beach.

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