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Straight Fire Fighter Fucks Gay Guy’s Ass

Straight boy Collin is big fire fighter that recently got divorced and is looking to have some fun doing adult videos before he gets serious with his new girlfriend. When I say big I mean both in stature and cock size. Colin is 6’7″ tall and has an impressive 9 inch dick.

Chad is an older gay man with a well maintained body. He loves to fool around with straight boys and loves to have his ass filled with cock.

Collin is certainly aggressive as he rams his 9 inch cock down Chad’s throat. Chad returns the favor; causing Collin to gag a number of times as he thrusts his own hard dick into the straight boys mouth. It’s the fucking that really gets intense though. Collin bends Chad over and slams the gay bait’s ass something fierce! Chad loves every second (and inch) of the straight boys cock.

Watch Collin and Chad here

Big Dicked Jock Jerks Off

Dmitry is an excellent example of how hard work can make a difference. Dima is a self described science geek that decided about a year ago that he wanted to pick up more girls. Yes, unfortunately this hot jock is straight. He started working out every day, eating better, and traded in his glasses for contact lenses. I never saw Dima before the gym but sure can say that the outcome is amazing. Even while dressed he is a looker; with a carefree smile and beautiful eyes. As he takes his shirt off the saliva in my mouth started going and I felt a bit of a twinge in my pants as my dick started to react to the sight of his broad shoulders, slightly hairy chest, and six pack abs with a treasure trail leading the way to the promised land. Even with his pants on it’s clear that Dmitry like to keep his pubes natural or maybe just slightly trimmed as his jeans hang low on his lean hips the front sags just enough to catch the top of his dark bush. The real thrill comes (no pun intended) when Dmitry takes his pants off. Even soft his penis has got to be at least 7 inches and it doesn’t take long before he is hard and sporting a thick hardon that is at least 8.5 inches if not more. His thick curved dick looks huge as it extends out from his lean body. With a couple of strokes his pre cum started flowing and mine did too. As Dmitry plays with his monster cock he gives us a brief look at his muscular ass then shoots a huge load of cum onto his washboard stomach that is sure to please all of you cum whores out there. The guys at Fratmen have definitely found a winner with this one!

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Southern Amateur Keegan Jacks Off

The more I visit Southern Strokes and watch all of those hot southern boys the more I consider taking a trip to Atlanta or Mobile to find these guys myself. Keegan, who you see here, is one of the latest totally hot guys that get naked and get off on camera for us. As if his boyish face and masculine body were not enough to make you drool, listen to his interview video and hear that good old boy southern drawl that you can’t get enough of. This guy is so dang cute! Keegan takes off his jeans and boxer shorts to get his dick good and hard then rubs one out for us while laying back on a leather sofa. He isn’t much of a sprayer when he cums but I’d lick that mess off his stomach any day. Be sure to visit southern strokes for Keegan’s complete jack off video as well as other hot amateur southern men.

Amateur Southern Men

Straight Frat Pledge Gets Blow Job

Hairy chested, inked, straight jock Brock is back at Straight Fraternity. After his gay orgy Brock has decided that getting a blow job from a guy isn’t that bad. In fact, he enjoys it! This time around it is the expert cock sucking pledgemaster that sucks Brock off until he shoots his big load.

Straight Pledges – Gay Porn

Montreal Men Have Gay Orgy

Jessy and Leo are hanging out bored one day and looking for something to do. Leo really wants to go out but Jessy wants to stay in. Jessy makes a call to a few friends and asks them to come over and convince Leo that staying in is a good idea. Who should show up but three guys with the biggest dicks in the city; Derrick, Symon, and 10 inch Sascha. Yes, Sascha has a fat 10 inch uncut cock. The guys get undressed and play with each other’s dicks then the sucking begins. Jessy and Leo get on their knees and take turns sucking their guest until every one in the room has a raging hard on. Jessy’s ass is looking pretty hot and tempting as he is on all fours sucking away at Derrick and Symon’s dicks. The boys decide to fill Jessy’s hot ass and he is more than happy to let them. He loves cock up his ass so much that he lets both hung boys fuck him at the same time! The railing of Jessy’s ass and other sexual pleasures continue until Jessy lays on a small bench and the other four spray their cum all over his face, chest, and stomach giving him a cum bath he won’t ever forget.

Montreal Amateurs Suck and Fuck

Amateur Stripper’s First Jack Off Video

Justin has been performing as a male stripper in some of the gay clubs is south Jersey. He makes good money and the customers adore him so he thought he would take his adult entertainment career to the next level and do a video. The fellows at Dick Show were the lucky bunch to catch him first. They brought him into NYC to film him in his first jerk off video. Justin has a tight tanned body with little fat and a number of black & gray tattoos that accent his lean body and defined shoulders. Justin has a naturally smooth chest and looks like he trims his stomach and pubes. His fat Italian cock is kept company by a set a big, low hanging balls that produce just the right amount of cum to land across Justin’s ripped abs as he jerks off in his first porn video appearance.

Amateur Men Showing Their Dick

Mason’s First Jack Off Video Ends With Big Cum Shot

Mason does his first ever adult video shoot with Spunk Worthy and I am anxiously awaiting his second. Turns out that Mason is the workout partner of another SW model Gabe. Gabe referred Mason after seeing how horse hung he was in the shower at the gym one day. Mason says that he is very nervous but it doesn’t show. He flashes a stunning smile and with a sparkle in his beautiful blue eyes he begins to get undressed.  For all of you that like fit guys with hairy chest; Mason is a gem. prize. He has a stocky athletic body and lots of dark chest and stomach fur to run your fingers through. He doesn’t take long getting hard either. Within a few seconds of taking off his underwear Mason’s cock is hard and oozing precum. At this point you realize that Gabe was absolutely correct; Mason is well hung for sure! I’d guess his cock to be 7.5 – 9 inches and thick. The more he plays with his big balls the more precum he produces until it runs from the tip of his dick like a slow running faucet. You’d think with all the precum that Mason would be dehydrated but he isn’t. He shoots an impressive load all over his hairy chest. My only disappointment in this new model is that I wasn’t there to help him clean up afterward.

First Time Amateurs Getting Off





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