Drunk Frat Party Gets C-R-A-Z-Y

The things that young college men will do to be part of the crowd is extreme and totally fun to watch. Haze Him is a website that accepts videos from college campuses from across the country and pays fraternities for the best action. As you can see in a few of the pictures here, the things these straight men who are desperate for acceptance or just plain plastered will do is incredible. The other half of the fun is guessing what university they are from. Some scenes are too easy.  My favorites are the guys who suck each others dick in order to feel up the girl with big tits. Remember, these are real amateur videos so the quality isn’t great but if you miss the good old days of hell week, the crazy drug induced haze of Saturday night, or never went away to college but always fantasized about what it would be like; you need to check this shit out!

Visit Haze Him for crazy college videos

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