Ben Blows A Straight Guy

Redhead Ben sucks hairy straight stud Aaron at NY Straight Men. Aaron says that his girlfriend will only let him fuck her and won’t suck his cock. Aaron was in need of a blowjob so he could relax while someone else does all the work. NY Straight Men’s expert cock sucker Ben was ready, willing and able to do all the work to get this hot Israeli off. Aaron said that he would rather have a slutty chick blow him but a mouth is a mouth, and having a guy suck his cock is better than not having it sucked at all. Aaron was awed with Ben’s hot, moist mouth.  You can tell by the size of the load that he shot that not only was Aaron’s cock happy but his balls and hairy body was too. On the way out Aaron says that Ben can suck his cock anytime. Maybe Aaron will be back for one of Ben’s just as famous rim jobs.

New York Straight Men Get Blown Here

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