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Blond Jock Jonah Fucks Lane

Lane’s butt is new to being penetrated but he enjoyed his last two ass ramming sessions at Sean Cody that he has been enjoying himself at home with a big dildo. He was thrilled when told that his partner for his latest appearance is a well hung blond haired jock named Jonah. Jonah and Lane start kissing on the floor and Lane goes down on Jonah’s cock for an oral preview of what his ass will be taking in full shortly. Jonah returns the favor and briefly sucks on Lane’s dick then moves his tongue to Lane’s hairy hole to prepare his ass for something a lot harder and bigger. Lane seems to love the rimming action of Jonah’s wet tongue but really gets a smile on his face when Jonah slides his long cock up his tight wet ass. Jonah takes it easy with the newbie at first then starts pounding him harder in different positions all over the living room. The way Lane takes Jonah’s cock; he’s going to be a big bottom in no time.

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18 Year Old’s Jack Off Porn Debut

Freshly turned eighteen and finally legal this Montreal twink could not wait to do his first adult video. As with most first time amateurs his video is a jack off scene and he couldn’t have picked a better studio to do it with than Squirtz. Chris is average height but only weighs 145 pounds (66 kg) so he is a little on the thin side. Chris admits that he loves the attention of being in front of the camera and wants to impress the viewers. It didn’t take him long to impress me. He has a cute face and skinny hairless body but what really got me was when he lowers his underwear to let his thick semi hard 7 inch (18 cm) dick out to play. Compared to the rest of him that thing looks very impressive. Chris strokes it a couple of times to get it completely erect. The head is like a giant pink mushroom on a wide, slightly curved, oak tree. Chris says that he is almost exclusively a top, he knows what Squirtz members like and bends over to play with his smooth tight ass for a while before releasing his load which runs down the shaft of his dick and pools at the base in his trimmed but present pubes.

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Jake Gets Fucked By James

Dark haired sex idol Jake Steel experiences every solid inch of amateur redhead stud James Jamesson in more ways than one. Jake blindfolds James and massages his shoulders and chest then takes off James clothes and continues to massage this ripped redhead’s tattooed chest, six pack stomach, and hairy legs. James is loving it and smiles throughout the entire video. Jake goes down on James and takes every inch of his throbbing dick down his throat until James’ red bush is in Jake’s face. Finally, James puts on a condom and rams Jake’s toned ass every way from Sunday. James shoots his creamy load onto Jake’s chest in a close up shot that really shows off James and Jake’s sexy bodies.

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Drunk Frat Party Gets C-R-A-Z-Y

The things that young college men will do to be part of the crowd is extreme and totally fun to watch. Haze Him is a website that accepts videos from college campuses from across the country and pays fraternities for the best action. As you can see in a few of the pictures here, the things these straight men who are desperate for acceptance or just plain plastered will do is incredible. The other half of the fun is guessing what university they are from. Some scenes are too easy.  My favorites are the guys who suck each others dick in order to feel up the girl with big tits. Remember, these are real amateur videos so the quality isn’t great but if you miss the good old days of hell week, the crazy drug induced haze of Saturday night, or never went away to college but always fantasized about what it would be like; you need to check this shit out!

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Ben Blows A Straight Guy

Redhead Ben sucks hairy straight stud Aaron at NY Straight Men. Aaron says that his girlfriend will only let him fuck her and won’t suck his cock. Aaron was in need of a blowjob so he could relax while someone else does all the work. NY Straight Men’s expert cock sucker Ben was ready, willing and able to do all the work to get this hot Israeli off. Aaron said that he would rather have a slutty chick blow him but a mouth is a mouth, and having a guy suck his cock is better than not having it sucked at all. Aaron was awed with Ben’s hot, moist mouth.  You can tell by the size of the load that he shot that not only was Aaron’s cock happy but his balls and hairy body was too. On the way out Aaron says that Ben can suck his cock anytime. Maybe Aaron will be back for one of Ben’s just as famous rim jobs.

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