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Amateur Surfer Does 2 Cum Shots

Coming from Hawaii is a gorgeous new surfer stud to Frat Men, Dante. As you see in his video, he loves to spend his time outdoors surfing, snorkeling, and hanging out at the beach. You get a good look at his awesome tan as his shorts come off and his white cock and ass contrast against his dark upper body. What a sweet ass he has too. Dante does a short introduction then gets right down to business whipping out his uncut dick and stroking away. He really gets into it moaning and grunting seconds before an explosive cum shot. Dante washes up in the bath as we continue to watch then decides to provide us a bonus shot. He rubs another load out for us in the bedroom. The entire experience is captured in HD video for the highest viewing quality and stroking pleasure.

Amateur Skaters Fuck Video

Preston and Greg are 2 skaters from sunny Florida. Jeremy met them when visiting Key West. He seen that they were always hanging around the hotel lobby and thought they were cute so one day he approached them, showed them his web site, and made an offer.  Preston called later that night and said that he was game. You can tell Preston loves to be in front of the camera but was a little nervous when Greg showed up to join him in the shoot. Greg does a good job making Preston comfortable. The two start with some kissing that leads to deep tonguing and Preston pushing his pierced tongue deep into Greg’s mouth. Greg moves down and unzips Preston’s shorts and starts jacking and sucking his thick cock. The two get completely undressed and 69 a bit with Preston taking ever inch of Greg’s uncut dick in his mouth. Preston moves from Greg’s cock and preps Greg’s ass with a wet rimming that opens his hole up. The close up view of Preston’s pierced tongue going around that pink hole is sweet. Then Preston puts a condom on his rock hard 8 inch cock and starts to fuck Greg’s ass. Greg loves every moment of it and moans in pleasure as he grabs Preston to pull him in deeper. You get a really good view of Preston’s ripped abs and body when he has Greg on his back. These skater dudes know how to have a good time for sure and you will have a good time as well watching their amateur porn video at Club Jeremy Hall.

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Grant Bottoms and Takes Cum Bath

Big dicked skater dude Oliver meets up with tattooed new comer Grant at 18 Up Studs for some cock sucking and deep ass fucking. Oliver is one of my favorite guys with his cute face, tight hairless body and wide cock. Grant is a newer model having only done a handful of porn shoots. Grant has a thin body, a nice long dick that looks at least seven and a half inches, and always sprays an incredible cum shot. The 2 do a brief interview where Oliver tells Grant to get his ass prepared because he intends to dominate him. Grant doesn’t bottom very often but the thought of doing it with Oliver gets him a little excited and the action starts. They take turns sucking each other then Oliver puts a condom on and goes to town on Grant’s hairless ass. Grant jerks his cock as Oliver pounds the hell out of him and sprays a huge cum shot that goes up his hairless chest up to his neck. Oliver pulls out of Grant’s ass, removes the condom, and dumps his load onto Grant’s face. By the big smile on Grant’s face, I know he loved every minute of it.

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Clayton Watches Himself and Cums

Clayton is the latest addition of amateur Brits on display at Blake Mason. The owners thought that they would try something a little different with Clayton and plugged a video camera into a 50 inch screen so Clayton could watch himself jack off as they were filming. As you can see, this really got him going . His 8 inch uncut cock gets hard with just a couple of pulls as he watches himself on the big screen. He settles down on the floor to finish wanking his meat and blows his load onto his stomach.

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First Timer Strokes His 8.5 Inch Dick

Luke is a 23 year old southern boy that recently finished college. This is Luke’s first time doing a porn shoot. Luke thought that he would have to do an interview for the job so he wore a shirt and tie. The producers at Southern Strokes were impressed and offered to do his shoot immediately . Luke removes his shirt for a look at his wooly chest and wide shoulders but leaves his tie on. He plays with his dick through his tight white underwear until it’s semi hard then takes the big guy out. Luke has an extraordinary 8.5 inch dick that he loves to wrap both hands around and stroke. He uses his tie to help milk every last drop of jizz from his big cock in what is most likely one of the biggest cum shots on the site.

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Carter Nash Fucks and Cums On Logan Birch

Fans have been wondering when college jock Carter Nash would be fucking Logan Birch at College Dudes 247. Logan starts things by giving Carter a blowjob including some deep throating.  Carter then flips Logan over to lick his hungry ass. Once Logan’s hole is wet he puts Carter on his back, grabs his hard cock, and sits down letting the hard shaft go all the way up .  Carter pounds Logan’s ass hard as Logan strokes his own pulsing cock . Carter’s defined stomach and shoulders look incredible as he works Logan’s ass. Logan sprays his jizz across his stomach as Carter’s dick slams back and forth . Carter takes off the condom and shoots his cum across Logan’s sweet face then leans over and licks some off Logan’s lips. Yummy !

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Kev Strips and Rims Straight Boy Zack

Kev undresses straight boy Zack down to his boxers and notices that Zack is already getting excited . Kev wastes little time getting Zack’s hard cock in his mouth and even deep throats Zack’s rock hard cock. Zack lays back and enjoys the oral pleasures but gets a little confused when Kev moves his tongue from Zack’s penis down to his ass. Zack doesn’t seem exactly sure what to do but moves his head over to return the pleasure and sucks on Kev’s uncut dick. Zack jerks and sucks Kev off spraying cum onto his smooth chest then adds to the cum pool shooting his own hot load all over Kev. I’d say that Kev does a fine job for his first time.

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