Scott & Gavin’s First Gay Experience

Scott and Gavin are straight guys introduced to each other at Broke Straight Boys and enticed to do things with each other for money. Both guys are average looking.  Like the guys you see hanging at the mall.  They seem okay with everything as they take off their shirts and then their pants.  As they stand next to each other in their underwear and are told to put their arms around each other Scott gets a funny look on his face.  The looks on his face get even better as the two sit on the sofa and asked to feel each other up under the underwear. After the underwear comes off Gavin takes little time getting hard and has a very nice long cock. Scott’s isn’t so bad either and gets fully hard with a little help from Gavin’s hand and warm mouth. When Scott is told he should return the favor he’s a little reluctant but does it. The two take turns sucking and jacking each other for a bit and then they are asked to go to a whole new level.

Go to Broke Straight Boys now to see what happens next

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