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Corey and Randy’s Homemade Porn

Corey and Randy are real life lovers that make a homemade porn for You Love Jack. The video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch.  Corey is so cute with his thin hairless body and big puppy-dog-eyes. I’m into the cute guys and tattoos so Corey caught my attention right away. Anyway, the video starts with Corey sitting naked on the couch when a voice tells him to put a big glass dildo up his ass. Corey lays back and slides the ass toy all the way to the base inside his ass as he strokes his semi hard cock. Next he is told to start sucking. Randy works the camera and gets some nice close up action of his hard cock sliding in and out of Corey’s mouth. Randy is all horned up now, as I was too, and orders Corey to remove the ass toy so he can insert some real meat. Randy fucks Corey’s sweet ass bareback in a few different positions then pulls out to shoot his load into Corey’s open mouth. Corey smiles and looks like he truly enjoys having his boyfriends cum all over his face. He leans back and continues to shoot his own cum load all over his smooth chest and stomach. Seeing that cute guy with cum all over his face and running down his chest is a very nice ending to a hot amateur fuck and suck video.

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College Ball Jocks Suck and Fuck

Virgil gets sucked and fucked by his college ball buddies Kye and Alex after a sweaty day out at SD Boy. Virgil is the biggest of the three guys in terms of stature.  After a fun afternoon throwing the football around and shooting some hoops the three retreat back to a nearby apartment for a quick group shower where one thing leads to another. As the three are covered with soap the cock stroking and sucking begins. With all three guys hard and horny they leave the cramped quarters of the shower to head out to the living room. There the cock sucking continues with all three taking turns at each other’s slightly larger than average cut and uncut cocks. Kye and Alex put on condoms and fuck Virgil’s ass in different positions all over the sofa from doggie style to having Virgil riding Alex while sucking Kye’s cock. After the intense ass screwing the three help each other get off to shoot their loads. My guess , although it isn’t shown, is that the three studs covered in cum went back to the shower. It’s such a vicious loop, I know.

San Diego College Jocks and Military Men at SD Boys

Scott & Gavin’s First Gay Experience

Scott and Gavin are straight guys introduced to each other at Broke Straight Boys and enticed to do things with each other for money. Both guys are average looking.  Like the guys you see hanging at the mall.  They seem okay with everything as they take off their shirts and then their pants.  As they stand next to each other in their underwear and are told to put their arms around each other Scott gets a funny look on his face.  The looks on his face get even better as the two sit on the sofa and asked to feel each other up under the underwear. After the underwear comes off Gavin takes little time getting hard and has a very nice long cock. Scott’s isn’t so bad either and gets fully hard with a little help from Gavin’s hand and warm mouth. When Scott is told he should return the favor he’s a little reluctant but does it. The two take turns sucking and jacking each other for a bit and then they are asked to go to a whole new level.

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HS Boy Lance Jerks Off In The Pool

Blonde haired and tattooed 19 year old Lance goes out to the pool for a swim but ends up taking out his cock and jerking off in the summer sun at HS Boys. Lance is one of the cover models at HS Boys for good reason. He is very cute and has a wonderful body. Lance has a muscular chest with no hair and a flat stomach with a bit of treasure trail leading down into his swim shorts. As the shorts come off we get a good close up look at Lances untrimmed bush and a hairy ass. Lance gets onto a floating mattress and starts stroking his wonderful cut cock. The cum shot isn’t too impressive but with a body and face like his you can’t have everything. I know I’d do him.

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Tims First Jerk Off Video

18 years old Tim was just starting college he needed money for books and tuition. When the producer for Spunk Worthy offered him money to show off his lean, hairless, track star body he said yes with a little hesitation. Tim is 6’2” tall and has bright red hair that certainly makes him easy to spot in a crowd. He also has a very cute face with wonderful blue eyes. Tim has a hair free face with an almost permanent smile and a smooth chest but a big untrimmed burning bush that is very exciting to see has he lowers his pants a bit. With this being Tim’s first time and he was worried about his girlfriend finding out he was showing everyone his cock for money he had a little trouble getting hard. Once a porn video started playing in the corner of the room Tim found his zone, got hard, and shot a big load of white jizz that goes all the way up to his nice pink nipples.

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