Uncut Amateur 3 Way Cumfest

When Zeke finds out that Tyler and Raf are fooling around he doesn’t get mad; he joins in for a hot gay 3 way at Dirty Boy Video.  The action starts early with all three kissing and stripping off each others clothes.  Zeke and Tyler can’t wait and start sucking Raf’s uncut cock before his pants are even down.  Raf has enough cock to go around as do the others.  Each of the three guys get their cock sucked by the other two at one point during this energetic all guy gay sex romp.  Not only does each guy get a oral worshiping but each guy gets a chance to fuck one of the others tight ass as well.  The three flip flop around fucking each other’s ass and continue with the cock sucking when ever possible.  The cum shots in this video are awesome!  Raf takes a big load all over face and covers his chest and neck with own cum and Zeke’s.  After so much sweaty sex and massive loads of cum; the three jump into the shower together and help each other get cleaned up.

Tyler Zeke and Raf have a gay 3 way and shoot huge loads of cum

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