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Uncut Amateur 3 Way Cumfest

When Zeke finds out that Tyler and Raf are fooling around he doesn’t get mad; he joins in for a hot gay 3 way at Dirty Boy Video.  The action starts early with all three kissing and stripping off each others clothes.  Zeke and Tyler can’t wait and start sucking Raf’s uncut cock before his pants are even down.  Raf has enough cock to go around as do the others.  Each of the three guys get their cock sucked by the other two at one point during this energetic all guy gay sex romp.  Not only does each guy get a oral worshiping but each guy gets a chance to fuck one of the others tight ass as well.  The three flip flop around fucking each other’s ass and continue with the cock sucking when ever possible.  The cum shots in this video are awesome!  Raf takes a big load all over face and covers his chest and neck with own cum and Zeke’s.  After so much sweaty sex and massive loads of cum; the three jump into the shower together and help each other get cleaned up.

Tyler Zeke and Raf have a gay 3 way and shoot huge loads of cum

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Gay Chicken Winners Back For Halloween Orgy

Remember that Straight Fraternity was doing the gay chicken game with straight guys to see just how far they would go with the promise of the winner returning for a special Halloween performance with a (cough) girl called Lil Sis?  Well, the owners of the site kept their word and the winners are back for a bisexual orgy.  Yes, for those of you squeamish about seeing vagina or naked girls be warned, this set does have a section with a female.  It is only 1 section of 8 scenes involving masturbation, cock sucking, masked blow jobs, and hardcore gay ass fucking.  All in all there are 10 hot loads of cum in this update featuring the best models from the Gay Chicken series. There is just too much to see and too many guys to write about but you can see for yourself and follow along with the action by visiting straight fraternity.

Costumed gay/bisexual orgy at Straight Fraternity

See the Hell Week 2 preview page here

Naked Amateur Men 2010

I finally broke down and made up my mind to buy some wall calendars for 2010.  After looking at the usual places around town and almost fainting at some of the stores marked up price I decided to look online.  Lucky for me a friend had showed me a very hot calendar that he just got from TLA Video.  I knew that TLA sold amateur gay porn DVDs and sex toys but didn’t realize that they also sell XXX and PG13 calendars, greeting cards, and Hollywood movies as well.  Tonight I searched their site and picked these:

Amateur Straight Guys – features 12 amateur straight men in solo action.  Many of the guys have tattoos and a few are nicely hung.  Mr. July has one sweet ass too!

2010-amateur straight guys

Island Studs – has a slew of member’s favorite models from the amateur male voyeur site of the same name.  A few of the guys from have even been featured here at amateurmenontheweb.  My favorite is Mr. January with his lean ripped body, muscular tattooed shoulder, and a big hard cock standing out from an all natural bush of pubes. If you like naturally tan surfer dudes from Hawaii and the Caribbean then this is for you.

2010-Island Studs

XXX Boys – is the only calendar full of hardcore raw and raunchy oral and anal penetration.  The guys come direct from Dirty Bird Pictures, the same guys who bring us the best military action at Some of the guys in this calendar are professional gay porn stars like Mayson Wyler and Brent Corrigan but they are hot and I loved all of the cock sucking, ass fucking, 3 ways, and gay orgy pics so…

2010- XXX Boys calendar

Naked Military – is the next logical choice after seeing the hardcore action from Dirty Bird.  The 2010 Naked Military calendar features the hard bodied amateur military men of Active Duty.  Big ripped guys in and out of uniform showing off the results of their hours of PT and hard cocks fill this 2010 collection.  Hint – Don’t wait until December to check him out; this marine had me hard in no time.  Sir, yes sir!

2010 Military Men calendar featuring the amateur men of Active Duty

Naked Frat Men – features the amateur college jocks from These 18-24 year old guys take care of themselves and sometimes take care of a buddy as well.  All of the guys get naked in one place or another… the bedroom, patio, bathtub, the gym showers.  While Mr. April is my favorite, you just can’t help but stare at the monster cocks found in May and November or the absolutely adorable face of December as he jerks off in the bath tub.

2010 Naked Fratmen calendar

Be sure to check out TLA Video for more calendars, DVDs, sex toys, and other great gift ideas.

Str8 First Timer Sucks Dick and Gets Fucked

This scene with Karl and first timer Ben at UK Scally Lads is one of the hottest updates they have had in a while.  Both guys describe themselves as straight and with girlfriends.  Ben is a little nervous about doing a gay porn and likes to look at a straight magazine to get him in the mood.  It must work because his dick is soon getting obviously hard under his dark colored track suite.  Karl’s ready to go and takes advantage of Ben’s upcoming arousal.  He opens Ben’s jacket and pulls down his pants and underwear to start sucking Ben’s uncut dick.  Karl continues to suck and worship Ben’s cock until it is fully hard and standing tall at a full 8 inches.  Ben returns the favor and sucks on Karl’s dick for a bit.  We get a look at just how incredible Karl’s body is as he thrusts his curved uncut dick into Ben’s mouth.  Karl has an absolutely fabulous set of abs and a pair of lean runners legs covered with just the right amount of hair.  The pair move to a 69 position for mutual oral pleasure then Karl slips on a condom and penetrates Ben’s virgin ass.  And penetrate he does!  Karl fucks Ben’s ass fast and hard in at least 4 positions.  My favorite is when he has Ben bent over the arm of the sofa because you can really see how hot each of these guys bodies are.  After a hard ass fucking the two amateurs stroke off on the sofa.  Ben shoots an incredible load all over Karl’s face and neck.  It looks like a little may even get in his eye.  Ouch!  Karl shoots his load onto Ben’s smooth tattooed body.

Karl and Ben suck dick, 69, and fuck at UK Scally Lads

Watch Ben shoot his cum onto Karl’s face here

Hairy Straight Guy Gets A Gay Blow Job

James is recently out of the navy and admitted that once a long time ago he got head from a buddy after a long night of drinking.  This time he wants to try it sober and the guys at Spunk Worthy have just the guy to help him out.  Ryan is a 21 year old gay guy that loves to suck dick.  He especially loves to suck straight guys dick.  The two men strip naked as James gets comfortable with Ryan.  James has dark hair styled into a fauxhawk, dark eyes, and a small beard.  His chest and stomach is covered with a thick coat of dark hair and a tattoo of Texas covers his left chest area.  Ryan has light hair, blue eyes, and a smooth, hairless body.  Ryan takes little time getting down to business and takes James cock into his mouth and spends a lot of time licking it from base to head.  At one point in the video James smiles and says that Ryan is better at giving head than his girlfriend.  Way to go Ryan!  James eventually straddles Ryan and shoots his load all over Ryan’s neck and chest.  Ryan’s pretty worked up himself after all that cock sucking.  He lays back onto James to jerk out his load which is so explosive that it flies over his head and lands on James’ shoulder. 

Hairy chested str8 guy James gets blown by 21 year old Ryan

Click here to watch Ryan and James full length video

Cute Guy Jonah and His Crazy Huge Cock

Jonah has done a few scenes at Chaos Men but this, his first, is my favorite.  Even with his clothes on, this tall skinny red haired guy is so dang cute.  He has a non stop smile as he interviews with the owner and casually gets undressed.  Jonah has a smooth chest and stomach and a bright red bush above a monstrous cock.  His bush quickly becomes visible as he lowers his dark boxer briefs.  My mouth almost hit the desk when that huge dick was uncovered.  Jonah is most definitely a shower!  Its got to be at least 8 inches soft.  Once his cock is out it’s hard to look at anything else but he does also have a nice ass that he shows off a bit too and shoves a few toys into during a future scene.  Jonah is a very fine addition to the impressive stable of hot amateur Texas men found at Chaos Men.

Jonah strokes his massive dick at Chaos Men

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Red Haired Twinks Homemade Jerk Off Video

Josh Hancock is the super hung strawberry blond twink at You Love Jack that proves skinny guys do have the huge cocks.  First timer Josh spends a bit of time getting the camera just right then jumps right in taking off his blue jeans and underwear revealing a semi hard cock that is about 1/3 the size of his thigh.  His big uncut dick has plenty of foreskin to play with as his cock swells the head gets really big and rounded as it slides out from its covering.  Next it’s off with the tee shirt to show a bit of reddish fuzz that travels across his upper chest.  In a few years some lucky guy is going to run his fingers through a plush lawn of red chest hair on this sexy dude.  Josh strokes his mammoth cock, spends some time fingering his hairy ass, and gives us some nice views of it all before spraying his load of cum up onto his hairy chest and stomach.

Amateur twink Josh Hancock's free gallery at You Love Jack

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