NYC DJ Goes Native

Robin is a DJ in New York and went to Hawaii to escape the urban hecticness.  While in the jungle he decides to cut loose and loses his clothes to show off in his first amateur jerk off video for Island Studs.   It doesn’t look like Robin spends much time in the sun up in New York.  His skin is smooth and white unlike most of the other amateur island men.  Robin had little trouble getting naked but needed a little help getting hard.  A magazine and a porn video in the corner solved that problem real quick like.  Robin jerks his cock and shoots his cum while watching the porn video.  But the show isn’t over.  He takes a very long piss out side.  Every second of which is captured on film.  For all of you out there that love watching guys pee, you’re going to love Robin.  After relieving his bladder, Robin moves to the out door shower where he generously soaps up and continues to impress with every inch of his naked wet body.  His hairless chest and stomach look so tempting all wet and covered in soap.

City guy strips in the jungle and jerks off

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