Hairy Guy Fucks Scally Lads Ass

Two Liverpool lads Alan and Josh hook up for some kissing, cock sucking, 69ing, and hardcore ass pounding at UK Scally Lads.  Both show up dressed in their usual attire of sweats and trackie with a cap.  Kudos to Alan for his choice of cap!  The two are horny and ready to go and start kissing as they strip each other.  Each guy sucks and deep throats the others uncut dick until they are both hard.  They 69 for a while and Alan gags a little on Josh’s 8 inch dick as it slides down his throat.  Normally Josh is a top but decides he is so horny today and turned on by Alan and his very hairy chest and big dick that he will bottom for his first time on camera.  Alan slides it in slow at first then speeds up until he is pounding Josh’s ass.  Alan fucks Josh every way from Sunday then sprays his load all over Josh’s face.  Josh cums very soon after squirting his juices onto Alan’s hairy chest.

Hairy chested Alan fucks Josh's ass and cums on his face

Watch the sample video here

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