Army Buddies Jerk Each Other Off

2 straight army buddies get together for a game of gay chicken at straight fraternity.  Christian and Derek agree to play a game of chicken where they take turns going one step further in their gay sex adventure.  All they need to do is say “chicken” and they don’t have to perform the task asked, but the stakes are high as the winner gets extra money and a chance to come back for the Halloween special.  The tasks start easy enough, strip naked and get hard.  Winner – Christian who is hard and showing off his semi-hairy chest and stomach within seconds.  Derek gets naked to show off his tanned body with lots of tattoos but has a little trouble in the hard department.  Next task – the kiss.  Obviously neither of the guys want to do this as can be seen on their face but they do it and even slip each other a little tongue.  Winner – tie.  Christian is first up in the dick sucking phase and does a good job getting Derek good and hard.  Derek takes Christian’s hard cock in his mouth just as well but doesn’t look like he enjoyed it all.  I guess you can’t expect much enthusiasm from a straight guy sucking dick.  Winner – tie.  Lastly the 2 straight amateur men jerk each other off on the bed.  At first they reach across and stroke each other at the same time.  Derek gets Christian to unload first then Christian helps Derek let loose a stream of cum that flies through air.  Even though Christian clearly took the getting hard first category, over all I have to judge this game of gay chicken as a tie and hope to see both of these good looking straight guys back in action at Halloween.


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