Straight Tattooed Stud Fucks Hairy Ass

Straight boy Jagger fucks Ashton's ass then cums on his face

Ashton and Jagger really steam things up as they get it on and get off at Chaos Men.  Ashton is the tall dark and handsome gay amateur with a hairy chest and stomach, a big uncut cock, a hairy ass, and a wild tongue.  Straight boy Jagger has a shorter stature with a tattooed muscular body and a sweet ass.  

Everything starts in the bedroom where Ashton takes very little time to get Jagger’s boxer briefs off.  Jagger’s dick is already semi hard as the underwear come down.  Ashton starts sucking on his dick until it is hard as a rock.  The view of Jagger’s tattooed body is best during this part of the video and seeing that hard cock going in and out of Ashton’s mouth is pretty nice too.  Jagger’s dick isn’t the only part of his body that receives a thorough oral worshiping.  Ashton turns Jagger around to give his hairy ass a big wet rim job.  Ashton’s underwear come off soon enough as well to give a view of his uncut cock that he rubs against the bed as he prepares for a hardcore fucking.  Ashton gets on all fours and lifts his hairy ass towards Jagger’s wet throbbing dick.  And in it goes with lots of grunting on Ashton’s part.  I think that Ashton may have liked Jagger to use a little more lube before sliding that big piece of meat into his hole but he is soon moaning and groaning in ecstasy.  Jagger fucks Ashton’s ass every way to Sunday then blows his load all over Ashton’s face. 

Head over to Chaos Men now to watch the full length video in HD and check out each of these guys other pictures and videos as well.

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