Self Sucking Troy

Troy sucks himself off at Buzz West - San Diego Amateur Men

Troy Michaels sucks his own cock at Buzz West.  Troy strips naked and shows us his tanned chest and flat abs.  His chest has just a small amount of hair and his abs are flat and well defined.  His back has a single colorful tattoo.  That tanned skin on his upper body really shows as you move down to look at his white ass.  Guys that can suck their own cock are usually either very flexible or have a big dick.  Troy has both.  He is able to fold himself almost in half at the waist and curl his back like a ferret as he leads his long fat dick into his own mouth for the ultimate self pleasure experience.

There are not many self sucking guys like Troy around but there are plenty of other tanned and muscular amateur men getting off for you in solo and group videos over at Buzz West.  Visit them today to watch more of Troy.

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