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Horse Hung Country Boy

Ryan is a 19 year old college student that was spotted at a restaurant by one of the southern strokes owners.  He says that he wanted Ryan immediately and to confess, when I first seen Ryan I wanted him too.  With his long mussed up hair and beautiful blue eyes Ryan is so dang cute.  Ryan was surprised to be offered money simply to jack off on camera but after a lot of questions and negotiating, he agreed.  Ryan has an obvious nervousness about him as he starts to get undressed but becomes at ease in short order.  He takes off his shirt providing a view of his smooth muscular body then slowly drops his checkered shorts.  He has a bit of a bulge in his short green boxer briefs that gets bigger as he starts to take them off.  With his underwear down, Ryan’s cock is already semi hard and looks big on his small 5’7” body.  With only a few tugs his cock grows and thickens to its full 8 inches.  The guys say they measured it because it looked bigger.  Ryan puts on a good show for a first timer.  He strokes his 8 inch dick, shows off his muscular back and ass, and finally shoots his cum onto his stomach.  After letting his juices loose he smiles and looks totally relieved.

Horse hung southern stud Ryan from Southern Strokes

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AJ and Cole Share a Fleshlight

AJ and Cole kiss and jerk each other off

Cole is the real life boyfriend of AJ; a Blake Mason favourite.  Cole was doing his debut performance as AJ watched from the corner.  As Cole’s uncut 6.5 inch dick gets to full erection AJ asks if he may join in.  AJ walks over and quickly takes his semi hard cock out of his jeans.  The two men kiss and stroke each other passionately.  The video shows how much these two are really into each other.   Enter the famous Fleshjack masturbation toy that has become so popular in gay porn.  AJ places a healthy amount of lube onto Cole’s raging cock then happily spreads it around with his hand.  AJ holds the Fleshlight for Cole to fuck.  The two men continue kissing all the while.  Then Cole takes the toy and slides it onto AJ’s hard 8 inch cock.  Watching AJ’s big dick go in and out of that clear sleeve held by his boyfriend is so hot.  AJ has a smooth body and ripped abs that look great in this part of the video as well.  The toy is designed for maximum pleasure and it isn’t long before AJ sends streams of cum everyplace while Cole strokes him off.  AJ takes Cole’s cock in hand and strokes him until he shoots a load of cum onto AJ’s face.  AJ loves every drop of Cole’s hot cum on his face.

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Self Sucking Troy

Troy sucks himself off at Buzz West - San Diego Amateur Men

Troy Michaels sucks his own cock at Buzz West.  Troy strips naked and shows us his tanned chest and flat abs.  His chest has just a small amount of hair and his abs are flat and well defined.  His back has a single colorful tattoo.  That tanned skin on his upper body really shows as you move down to look at his white ass.  Guys that can suck their own cock are usually either very flexible or have a big dick.  Troy has both.  He is able to fold himself almost in half at the waist and curl his back like a ferret as he leads his long fat dick into his own mouth for the ultimate self pleasure experience.

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Peeping Tom Video Tapes Redhead Blowjob

Peeping tom blow job video

A few years ago I watched a guy and his girlfriend fucking from a hotel room window.  The guy was good looking and had a nice body.  It’s still exciting thinking about it now.  The recent update at Dirty Boys Video reminded me of that night. 

The video is of two guys; a redhead and a brunet that get it on in their kitchen with the shades wide open for all to see, or video tape.  As you can see from the pictures above, this is a real gay voyeur’s fantasy.  The action takes place kinda far away but it is still hot to watch.  The darker haired guy takes down the redhead’s shorts and starts sucking his big dick.  Yes, you can tell it’s big because you can see it even from the distance.  Red then goes down on his friend for a bit.  I guess he was cock hungry in the kitchen as well.  The two horny boys switch positions again and red shoots his load on his friends face.  That is as they say, that.  Not much to it but damn hot if you like watching hot guys have sex through their open window.  I’d love to be their neighbor! 

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Ripped Muscle Jocks Ass Fucking

Tattooed muscle jocks fuck and suck cock at College Dudes 247

Jimmy Durano and Beau Tucker are two of the hot ripped jocks that regularly appear at College Dudes 247.  Both of these amateur men are in shape and obviously take care of themselves but it is Jimmy that could be a Greek  statue.  Jimmy has an almost perfect body from his cute face all the way down to his muscular calves and petit feet.  Of particular interest are his ripped shoulders, 6 pack abs, tanned skin, and an all natural uncut cock. 

Beau and Jimmy start off dressed in the living room set used frequently for interview sets on the site.  With some kissing and touching of each other’s muscular bodies the two men end up in matching underwear.  Jimmy wearing white briefs with a red band and Beau wearing red briefs with a white band.  The two are so damn cute together.  Beau goes down on Jimmy’s uncut dick first as Jimmy lies back on the leather sofa.  Beau returns the favor by sucking on Beau’s already hard meat.  Both men have average sized dicks that get hard and stand out and up as they get hard.  Jimmy bends Beau over the black wooden desk lubes up Beau’s ass and slides his cock all the way in until his trimmed pubes are brushing against Beau’s smooth ass.  Beau seems to love the ass ramming attention and the sight of these two college jocks fucking is awesome.  After a bit Beau moves back to the sofa where he lies on his back and puts his legs up for more.  Jimmy continues fucking Beau until both men spray their cum onto Beau’s smooth stomach and chest. 

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Kirby Eats His Cum

Kirby jerks his dick and eats his own cum

Kirby is one dirty little monkey from southern California that loves to get nasty.  He loves to be tied up, electrocuted, and whipped.  Kirby gets himself all kinds of dirty in his video at Dirty Tony

Just looking at this guy as he gets undressed you can tell he has a bit of a wild side.  He has dirty blond hair, a scruffy face, and sparkling blue eyes.  His lean surfer body is covered with all sorts of tattoos and the dark hair on his flat stomach is all natural providing a nice bed to lay your head onto.  Kirby has another physical attribute that is important to mention as well, a big cock that goes up to his belly and beyond when it gets hard.  So what gets this guy hard?  A big nightstick sized dildo up his ass is a good start.  Kirby bends over face down on the bed and bites a pillow as a huge dildo is slid into his ass.  After that he takes a smaller metal vibrator and plays with that as e strokes his hard dick.  It is obvious by the look on his face and his body language that this is really turning him on.  Kirby puts on a good show to the end.  As he readies himself to cum he throws his legs into the air positioning his dick inches from his own open mouth a blows his load right in. 

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Smoking Lad Strokes 12 Inch Uncut Dick

Smoking lad with 12 inch pole

Matt whips out his 12 inch uncut cock and rubs one out while enjoying a smoke at UK Scally Lads

Some people may not consider Matt an amateur because he has appeared on a few different British based amateur gay porn sites.  But Matt does have a regular day job and hasn’t done any major studio film work.  What Matt does do is show off his tall, hairy, skinny body and 12 inch dick.  Yes, it really is 12 inches when hard and unlike some guys with huge cocks, he actually does get his fully hard.  In this shoot at UK Scally Lads he relaxes and has a smoke as he takes off his track pants and plays with his monster meat while still in his white boxer briefs.  It’s nice to see a guy who is so comfortable in front of the camera.  His jerk off isn’t rushed and he looks like he is enjoying every bit of his afternoon wank and every bit of his smoke.  Matt gets fully hard and slides the foreskin back from his cock head.  Once the cigarette is done he lies back and strokes with two hands until he releases a stream of hot cum up onto his hairy chest. 

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