Skater Dude Jerks His Big Shaved Dick

Peter Ash strokes his 8 inch cock at 18 and up studs 

When the guys at 18 and Up Studs first saw Peter the first thing they thought was yum.  This straight 20 something skater dude with dirty blond hair, a cute face, and a nice body was looking for some money so they invited him back to their place and video taped him.  Peter takes off his shirt to start.  He has a tattoo on his shoulder and a very smooth completely hairless chest and stomach.  Peter plays with his dick a bit while he watches some porn to get nice and hard before taking off his ripped up jeans.  His fat dick stretches across his white briefs and pokes out the side it is so big.  After a few more strokes, off comes the underwear to give us a completely unobstructed view of his fat shaved dick and balls.  Peter’s cock has got to be at least 8 inches long and his hand barely fits around the shaft it is so thick.  I bet there are plenty of people who have choked on that impressive piece of meat or wish they could try.  Like most amateur first timers, Peter doesn’t put on too much of a show as he pounds his pud but he is fun to watch as he strokes his big dick until he cums. 

18 and Up Studs have the full length video of Peter Ash getting off in their members area.  They have lots of other first time skater and punk types in solo and hardcore action too.  Visit 18 and Up Studs today to watch Peter and lots of other amateur skater types get off.

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