Cute Blond – Big Dick

Brent strokes his 8.5 inch cock at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony proves that Brent really has got an 8.5 inch dick.

When I was younger I had a huge thing for blonds and guys with big dicks.  Too bad Brent wasn’t making porn back then because he would have been on my “must have at any cost” list.  I’m not really into blond guys like I used to be but do still love looking at men with huge dicks and Brent over at Dirty Tony definitely fits that requirement.

Brent is a very good looking guy even with his clothes on.  He has short blond hair, crystal blue eyes, and such a wonderful smile oh his boyish face.  The light blond goatee adds a certain character but does nothing to make him look older.  As if his overall cuteness isn’t enough, as he takes off his shirt my mouth began to water looking at his lean body.  Brent has a little tuft of hair in the middle of his otherwise smooth chest and a light covering of fuzz on his muscular stomach.  Brent isn’t a muscle god to be sure but he does have the start of a very nice 6 pack going on that looks great when he leans back and strokes that big dick of his.  And that dick, oh what an impressive piece of meat this guy has.  On Brent’s small body that 8.5 inch dick looks absolutely huge as it hangs at least half way to his knees.  It doesn’t take much stroking before it’s fully erect and just to prove how big it really is the guys at Dirty Tony take a tape measure to it.  Brent seems to like the attention because his dick just gets harder and larger the more they play with it and the pre cum flows.  It doesn’t take long for Brent to release the pressure and shoots cum into the air that lands right at the base of his dick on a bed of groomed pubes.

Brent is just one of the many first timers getting off at Dirty Tony.  It really is fun to see what some of the guys will do to get into porn.  If you want to see what happens in the mind of a gay porn producer you need to check out Dirty Tony today.

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