College Swimmer Jerks Off

Phil jerks his uncut cock at Dixter Amateur Guys

Phil is a 21 year old college student looking for some extra money.  He gets naked in the shower all the time at school and jerks off every chance he gets so jacking in front of a camera for cash wasn’t too far a stretch. Phil talks a little about himself and lifts some weights to get all pumped up before he strips and jerks off at Dixter.

Phil is an active guy.  He is on the varsity swim team at his school, loves to snow board, and plays other sports as well.  He keeps himself in great shape working out and eating right to keep the competitive edge.  Phil has a boyish face with flushed cheeks and dark hair.  As he takes off his shirt you can see that he has very defined shoulders and back with a muscular chest and 6 pack abs.  As he lowers his underwear we get a great view of this swimmers smooth, white muscular ass and an amazing uncut cock that hangs from a base of bright red pubes.  Yes, Phil is a redhead to be sure.  There is something I love about this guys perfect white ass against his tan skin that is just hot.  He gets his 6.5 inch dick nice and hard and slides the foreskin back and forth over the large swollen head.  As he becomes more comfortable in front of the camera, he plays a little with his nipples and rubs his body with his spare hand.  The pace quickens as he moans and shoots out his man juice.

After his film debut Phil contacted Dixter to let them know that this was his first and last gay porn video.  If you want to see Phil’s first and only adult video you have to visit Dixter Amateur Guys.  There are plenty of other hot college jocks there to see as well.

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