Blond Haired California Surfer Dude

Carter strokes 7.5 uncut inches at Buzz West 

Carter is a San Diego native so he gets plenty of opportunities hang out at the beach, surf, and play in the sun.  He is absolutely the stereotypical sexy California surfer dude with his blond hair, lean body, and bisexual.  Yes, bisexual… You know those cali boys are up for anything if it feels good and gets them off.

Carter does a very nice job of showing off his best assets in this particular video.  He has a very nice smile, crystal blue eyes, and easy going attitude as he takes off his clothes.  His hairless chest has some freckles and little pink nipples perfect for licking.  His flat stomach has just a little barely noticeable blond hair that starts at his belly button and gets wider as it goes down into his underwear.  As if Carter isn’t good enough, he only gets better when he takes those underwear off and we get our first look at that big 7.5 inch uncut cock hanging between his hairy legs.  Carter is already impressive even soft.  Hanging at about 6 inches with lots of foreskin off the end his dick is ready to be played with.  Carter doesn’t mind showing off his ass as well.  At 5’10” and 155 pounds, Carter doesn’t have a lot of fat or big muscles.  His ass is just as lean as the rest of him and is covered with a light coat of soft blond hair.  As he starts stroking his dick it gets a little longer and a little thicker but not much and the foreskin slowly pulls back just a little so that only the tip of his cock head sticks out.  For guys into uncut dick, Carter’s is about perfect for playing with and tonguing.  He strokes that hard cock and plays with his shaved balls until he shoots a very impressive stream of cum up onto his chest.  The cum goes all the up his chest and starts to run down his side.  Carter’s cum shot surely is the icing on an already scrumptious piece of cake.

Carter  has 4 different videos at Buzz West including a getting a hand job, fucking himself with a dildo, and getting a happy ending massage.  To see all that Carter has to offer you have to visit Buzz West.

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