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Cock Junkie Gets His Fix

Rusty Shawn and Ryan in an amateur gay 3 way at Cocksure Men

Rusty, Shawn, and Ryan have all done solo performances but it’s this hot cock action 3 way that gets the blood and other things pumping at Cocksure Men.  All three men are good looking in their own way and all three have very nice cocks.  Ryan is a shorter guy with short spiked hair, a few tattoos, and a choker chain around his neck.  He has a tight body with just a hint of chest and stomach hair.  It’s Ryan that starts things off getting the other two naked and hard by sucking their cocks to erection.  The three suck each other in hot triangle action then Rusty gets on his knees to take Ryan’s hard curved cock.  Rusty is a tall well built guy with a high and tight haircut, a large tat on his back, and one hell of a nice ass.  Ryan loosens Rusty’s ass with his pierced tongue then slides his dick in as Rusty fills his mouth with Shawn’s big cock.  Ryan fucks Rusty’s ass until he shoots a load all over his crack.  The Rusty flips onto his back in preparation for Shawn to have his turn.  Shawn slams his cock into Rusty’s hole hard and fast while Ryan gets hard and ready again.  Once Rusty has had his cock fix the three lay together and jerk off until each shoots onto their chest. 

To watch these three guys cock sucking and ass fucking vide you need to head over to Cocksure Men.  While your there be sure to check out their solo videos too.

College Swimmer Jerks Off

Phil jerks his uncut cock at Dixter Amateur Guys

Phil is a 21 year old college student looking for some extra money.  He gets naked in the shower all the time at school and jerks off every chance he gets so jacking in front of a camera for cash wasn’t too far a stretch. Phil talks a little about himself and lifts some weights to get all pumped up before he strips and jerks off at Dixter.

Phil is an active guy.  He is on the varsity swim team at his school, loves to snow board, and plays other sports as well.  He keeps himself in great shape working out and eating right to keep the competitive edge.  Phil has a boyish face with flushed cheeks and dark hair.  As he takes off his shirt you can see that he has very defined shoulders and back with a muscular chest and 6 pack abs.  As he lowers his underwear we get a great view of this swimmers smooth, white muscular ass and an amazing uncut cock that hangs from a base of bright red pubes.  Yes, Phil is a redhead to be sure.  There is something I love about this guys perfect white ass against his tan skin that is just hot.  He gets his 6.5 inch dick nice and hard and slides the foreskin back and forth over the large swollen head.  As he becomes more comfortable in front of the camera, he plays a little with his nipples and rubs his body with his spare hand.  The pace quickens as he moans and shoots out his man juice.

After his film debut Phil contacted Dixter to let them know that this was his first and last gay porn video.  If you want to see Phil’s first and only adult video you have to visit Dixter Amateur Guys.  There are plenty of other hot college jocks there to see as well.

4 Way Twink Orgy

Amateur Twink Orgy

Three of the regular fellows at Twinkscape go out for coffee and meet up with a slutty waiter that they take back to their apartment for a four way twink orgy full of cock sucking, ass rimming, and fucking.

When 3 hot looking guys point blank ask you to come back to their place for a naked sex filled good time what’s a horny waiter to say.  Yes!  Once there, the action starts fast and doesn’t end until the last horny twink has dumped his cum.  The four pair off into twos as they kiss and get undressed.  All four guys have smooth thin bodies and very nice cocks. Once naked, the waiter can’t wait to get his partner’s big hard dick shoved down his throat.  The others join in and all four share some dick sucking like sampling the best cuts of meat at a sex buffet.  With two on their hands and knees and asses in the air they get rimmed and prepared for some hardcore fucking.  It starts with 2 guys in two pairs with the waiter getting slammed hard and loving it.  Having a dick in his ass isn’t enough so he moves over to suck one of the other flatmates.   

This video has about everything a twink lover could want model wise.  All of them are cute, some have long hair, 1 has tattoos, 1 has a beard, 2 have piercings, and all four suck and fuck like horny gay bunnies.  To see the entire amateur twink orgy video you need to go to Twinkscape now.

Big Dicked Amateur Britts Suck and Fuck

Jessie fucks Kai at Blake Mason

Big dicked twinky boy Jessie fucks tattooed stud Kai in the ass after some dick sucking and 69ing at Blake Mason – Amateur British Men.  Both men are regulars at Blake Mason and for good reason.  Jessie is an 18 year old skinny guy with tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and a big uncut dick that has got to be at least 8 inches when hard.  Aside from his cute face, thin smooth body, and 8 inch cock; Jessie has one very sweet ass.  We’ll have to get back to his ass because in this set it’s Kai’s ass that sees all the action.

Kai doesn’t waste any time getting down to action as he undoes Jessie’s shirt and starts liking his smooth chest and biting on his nipples.  He moves down Jessie’s stomach with his tongue and undoes his pants to take his soft uncut cock into his mouth.  Jessie gets hard and big with his dick in Kai’s warm wet mouth.  As Kai continues sucking Jessie’s dick he takes off his own shirt and his big uncut dick flops out of his pants.  Jessie returns the favor sucking Kai’s cock until it is fully hard as well then the two settle in for some hot 69 action.  Kai gets on his hands and knees and presents his ass to Jessie for a plowing.  Jessie starts slowly fucking Kai’s ass.  After a bit Kai starts moving his hips faster and pulling every inch of Jessie’s big dick into him.  Jessie starts pounding harder as he gets into the motion then flips Kai onto his stomach.  It is in this position that we get that look at Jessie’s own sweet muscular ass.  As he continues pounding Kai’s ass he reaches down to stroke Kai’s dick causing him to shoot a load onto his stomach as Jessie continues fucking him.  Jessie shoots a huge load of his own adding to the cum pool on Kai’s chest and stomach.

Both of these amateur British guys are nice to look in pictures but are even more fun to watch on video.  Each of these two hot men have multiple sets that show off their stroking, sucking, and fucking abilities.  To see all the pictures and videos of Jessie and Kai you need to go to Blake Mason.


Skater Dude Jerks His Big Shaved Dick

Peter Ash strokes his 8 inch cock at 18 and up studs 

When the guys at 18 and Up Studs first saw Peter the first thing they thought was yum.  This straight 20 something skater dude with dirty blond hair, a cute face, and a nice body was looking for some money so they invited him back to their place and video taped him.  Peter takes off his shirt to start.  He has a tattoo on his shoulder and a very smooth completely hairless chest and stomach.  Peter plays with his dick a bit while he watches some porn to get nice and hard before taking off his ripped up jeans.  His fat dick stretches across his white briefs and pokes out the side it is so big.  After a few more strokes, off comes the underwear to give us a completely unobstructed view of his fat shaved dick and balls.  Peter’s cock has got to be at least 8 inches long and his hand barely fits around the shaft it is so thick.  I bet there are plenty of people who have choked on that impressive piece of meat or wish they could try.  Like most amateur first timers, Peter doesn’t put on too much of a show as he pounds his pud but he is fun to watch as he strokes his big dick until he cums. 

18 and Up Studs have the full length video of Peter Ash getting off in their members area.  They have lots of other first time skater and punk types in solo and hardcore action too.  Visit 18 and Up Studs today to watch Peter and lots of other amateur skater types get off.

Gay Amateur Sucks 9 Inch Dick

Collin Blows Crazy James at Dirty Boy Video

Tattooed and hung, Crazy James meets up with amateur gay cock sucker Collin and challenges him to get all nine and a half inches of his dick in his mouth.  One look at the video and you’ll know why they call him Crazy James over at Dirty Boy Video.

Crazy James is a big guy with a colorful platinum blond and hot pink mohawk haircut and plenty of tattoos.  He is big both in terms of his height and his length.  James’ cut cock is somewhere in the neighborhood of 9.5-10 inches depending on how excited he is.  While his dick doesn’t have a lot of girth, it does have a nice big head.  James and Collin meet for the first time as they are interviewed on camera prior to the sex.  Collin is obviously excited about the opportunity to get down and dirty with James who has been on Dirty Boy before.  As the two get started with some kissing James takes control and starts to undress Collin.  As he takes Collin’s shirt off he nibbles and bits on Collins stomach to set the mood and Collin seems to love it.  We do see a bit of Collins own smooth body and shaved cock in the video but the focus is definitely on James and his big dick.  Collin takes of James’ shirt and undoes his purple pants but doesn’t get them off before he starts sucking.  And the sucking continues in standing and lying down position.  No mater what position they try, Collin can’t quite seem to get all of James big cock in his mouth.  From the look of ecstasy on James face he appreciates the effort.  As Collin chokes down James’ 9.5 inch dick James reaches down and gives Collin a helping hand job.  Looking right into the camera, James blows a nice load onto Collins neck and hairless chest.

Click here to watch the preview video and see for yourself how exciting these two amateur guys are to watch or join Dirty Boy Video now to see the entire full size video in the members area and get yourself dirty.

Blond Haired California Surfer Dude

Carter strokes 7.5 uncut inches at Buzz West 

Carter is a San Diego native so he gets plenty of opportunities hang out at the beach, surf, and play in the sun.  He is absolutely the stereotypical sexy California surfer dude with his blond hair, lean body, and bisexual.  Yes, bisexual… You know those cali boys are up for anything if it feels good and gets them off.

Carter does a very nice job of showing off his best assets in this particular video.  He has a very nice smile, crystal blue eyes, and easy going attitude as he takes off his clothes.  His hairless chest has some freckles and little pink nipples perfect for licking.  His flat stomach has just a little barely noticeable blond hair that starts at his belly button and gets wider as it goes down into his underwear.  As if Carter isn’t good enough, he only gets better when he takes those underwear off and we get our first look at that big 7.5 inch uncut cock hanging between his hairy legs.  Carter is already impressive even soft.  Hanging at about 6 inches with lots of foreskin off the end his dick is ready to be played with.  Carter doesn’t mind showing off his ass as well.  At 5’10” and 155 pounds, Carter doesn’t have a lot of fat or big muscles.  His ass is just as lean as the rest of him and is covered with a light coat of soft blond hair.  As he starts stroking his dick it gets a little longer and a little thicker but not much and the foreskin slowly pulls back just a little so that only the tip of his cock head sticks out.  For guys into uncut dick, Carter’s is about perfect for playing with and tonguing.  He strokes that hard cock and plays with his shaved balls until he shoots a very impressive stream of cum up onto his chest.  The cum goes all the up his chest and starts to run down his side.  Carter’s cum shot surely is the icing on an already scrumptious piece of cake.

Carter  has 4 different videos at Buzz West including a getting a hand job, fucking himself with a dildo, and getting a happy ending massage.  To see all that Carter has to offer you have to visit Buzz West.





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