Smooth Ass and Uncut Tucker

College student Tucker Jones strokes his dick and fingers his ass at You Love Jack

Tucker Jones is a college student that doesn’t have much time to go and look for sex.  The long hours studying don’t leave him much time for fun so he makes the best of the time he does get. 

The video of Tucker at You Love Jack starts with him already undressed and dick rock hard.  As he adjusts the camera we get a nice close look at that beautiful piece of uncut meat standing out between his legs.  With the camera all adjusted, Tucker sits on the sofa and we finally get to see his wonderful body and face.  From the hair on his legs in the close up I though he would be a furry guy.  Totally not the case, he is as smooth as can be from his shoulders to the top of his legs.  Chest, stomach, crotch, balls, and ass are all completely hairless.  And what a nice chest and stomach he has too.  Tucker has the start of a nice little 6 pack going.  He slowly strokes his long hard dick which has got to be at least 7 inches or more as he gently tugs on his balls.  The little grunting sounds he makes is so damn hot.  Just listening to the video is enough to get you horny for more.  Next he moves the camera in for a close up, grabs a bottle of lube, and starts to finger his hairless asshole.  This has got to be one of the better shots in the video as you can see the foreskin on his big uncut dick sliding gently back and forth over the swollen head of his dick, watch his fingers probe his hole, and hear the absolute pleasure from his grunts and moans.  He finally lets loose a big load of cum that half runs down his hand and half lands on his smooth 6 pack abs.


If you are into smooth college guys or love to see big uncut cock close up you have to check out Tucker Jones at You Love Jack today.  You won’t be disappointed!


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