Jeremy Fox Rubs One Out

Jeremy Fox gets off at College Dudes 247

21 year old Jeremy is a junior in university.  He is an avid swimmer which could explain his tight, well defined body and shaved chest, stomach, and legs. Jeremy treats us to a picture on his blog of him in a black speedo suite.  Immediately you see his cute face framed by his short dark hair, and a easy going smile that looks like a permanent fixture.  He has very little fat so you’d think that he would have nice abs.  He does, by the way, have a very flat and toned stomach but it is really his shoulders and upper back that provide the real treat to us guys into muscles.  His lats and traps are wonderful, like an Olympic butterfly swimmer. 

As is usually the case at most amateur gay web sites, the first timer guys usually do a solo scene.  Jeremy isn’t an exception to this but he is exceptional.  Watching Jeremy jerk off it is obvious that he knows how to pleasure himself and from his interview bring pleasure to his partners as well.  Sexually he likes a lot of body contact like “rubbing together, kissing, and going dick-to-dick”.  As he gets out of his white shirt and plaid shorts standing naked and excited he rubs his hard body and plays with himself to bring his cock to full erection.  His dick is thick, cut, and has just a slight upward curve to provide that stimulation that bottoms absolutely love or slide easily down a guy’s throat in a 69 position.  Jeremy knows that everyone likes something different and shows it all off.  We get special front row preview of his ass, feet, balls, nipples, stomach, and obviously his big fat dick.  He moans with pleasure and raises his left knee to his chest just before saying with a low voice, “Oh, I’m going to shoot” and releases a thick load of hot cum onto his wonderful stomach. 

If you like them young and muscular, College Dudes 247 is the place.  Most of the guys, like Jeremy, are 18 – 25 and all are in very good shape.  First timer solo jerk offs and repeat action videos and pictures are plenty enough to keep even the most frequent of single handed surfers busy for months.  Visit College Dudes 247 now to see Jeremy’s blog and check out some of the other hot college dudes too.

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