18 Year Old Luca’s First XXX Appearance

First time filmed naked - Luca at Dirty Tony


Luca has wanted to be in porn for as long as he has known what porn was.  A few days after his 18th birthday he called the guys over at Dirty Tony and asked when was the soonest he could come in to do the casting couch and get his porn star career started.  After careful evaluation of his ID Luca was talking about his sex life and getting naked.


Luca has a well developed 18 year old body.  Not a lot of fat anywhere to speak of, a very light covering of hair on his stomach and some very early fuzz on his othewise smooth chest.  Speaking of his stomach; be sure to look at the pictures where he is lying back.  This guy has a very nice start at a 6 pack.  Luca says he has been going to the gym trying to bulk up a little.  I think he looks great just the way he is and wouldn’t hesitate to stare if I seen him at the pool or gym.  If a producer ever decides to do an adult version of Superman they definitely need to cast Luca.  He totally looks like Clark Kent in such a hot way.


With a great outgoing attitude, a cute face, the start of a well defined body, and a very nice dick, we should be seeing more of Luca’s naked performances soon. If you’d like to see more pictures and first time video of this up and coming male porn star you have to go to Dirty Tony.

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