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Stash’s First Jerk Off Video

 Stash first time jerk off at Chaos Men

If you love the look of them cute, lean, 18-21 year old twinkie boys but can’t stand the prissy personality and frail bodies then Stash at Chaos Men is just the man to disrupt your day. 

Stash is one of my many favorite Austin amateurs at Chaos Men.  He has an absolutely beautiful body with very little chest or stomach hair, a very cute face surrounded by long dirty blond hair, and a cock and ass that are just made for fucking.  These pictures are from Stash’s first ever jerk off photos and video.  He talks a little about his previous boyfriends and their kinky sex lives, what he likes sexually, and then strips naked to show off that smooth muscular body.  Stash makes being sexy look easy in his casual manor as he plays with his cock and balls on the sofa until he is completely hard.  His rock hard dick stands straight up pointing at his face as he takes a few seconds to look at the camera as if waiting for someone to come in and take care of it for him.  That part comes in other sets; but for now he is left to take care of things himself.  As Stash strokes his hard cock and plays with his ass we get many close up looks at his hairless body, his firm smooth ass and that hard cock. 

 At my last count, Stash had 12 sets at Chaos men in the members area including both solo and hardcore man on man sex.  Like he says in his interview, Stash sometimes likes it rough and a little kinky.  Go to Chaos Men now and let Stash disrupt your day.

Hairy Chested Red Head Rubs One Out

Red Head Casey Jerks Off at Southern Strokes

Casey is an amateur guy from northern Georgia that gets off knowing guys like to watch him.  While this is first ever porn performance, he has gotten naked and given horny truck drivers shows before.  Casey talks about his job, jerking off for trucker’s pleasure, growing up in the south, and sports in his interview at Southern Strokes

After his interview Casey gets right to business stripping off his shirt to show off his broad chest covered with red hair.  Casey rubs his body and gets in the mood before taking off his pants and red boxer briefs uncovering a red bush that he keeps trimmed and his soft penis that hangs with a set of big balls.  Standing naked, you can see that Casey has a stocky build but is not fat. His hairy chest and stomach show how manly his is compared to the initial impression you get after looking at his smooth boyish face.  With a few strokes his dick gets hard and stands out from his body with a slight upward curve.   The head turns a deep shade of pink-purple and the veins stick out as the skin on his dick stretches and his cock climbs to full attention.  Casey said that he like to do a show and he does give one.  Casey turns over so we can see his smooth white ass and his back that has two tattoos.  His ass is so round and smooth and tempting with just a little hair around his asshole.  The way his big smooth balls hang while showing off that sweet ass makes my mouth water.  As Casey shows off more his dick gets harder and harder.  When he lies back to jerk his cock it doesn’t take long before he shoots a nice load of milky white cum onto his red hairy stomach and chest. 

Casey is just one of many first time southern boys that get off at Southern Strokes.  He is not the only red head either.  To see Casey and the other gay and straight southern guys in solo and hardcore action you need to go to Southern Strokes.

Kelson Strokes His 8 Inch Cock

Muscled straight stud Kelson

Kelson is one of the first guys you see when you visit Dixter and for good reason.  He has the whole package going for him very cute face, a killer body, and an 8 inch uncut dick.


The guys at Dixter had been talking to Kelson for weeks to arrange a time for him to be video taped unloading.  Kelso is a 21 year old straight guy with a very busy schedule.  He is a university student, plays semi pro sports, works out every day, and tries to fuck as many girls as possible before he settles down.  Too bad he is straight because there are thousands of guys that would be happy to please this stud without a second thought.  Kelson has a very cute face with beautiful eyes and a fun smile framed with short dark hair.  Just one look at him with his shirt off and you know that he takes care of himself.  From his neck to his blue checkered boxers Kelson has a ripped upper body.  It’s hard to say what part of him I like best because it’s all so good.  Traps, lats, pecs, abs, and biceps all joining together to form a body that even straight guys stare at in the shower at the gym.  Except for a light trail of hair leading down from his belly, Kelson’s chest and stomach is completely hairless.  He does have 1 small tattoo in the middle of his chest and another between his shoulders in the middle of his muscular upper back.  As if a cute face, amazing chest, shoulders, and abs weren’t enough; his 8 inch cock is equally impressive.  Even soft, his dick hangs low and looks big.  As it gets hard it doesn’t get much longer but does stand out with an ever so slight curve.  As it gets thicker the foreskin slides back to show us a big pink head.  He keeps his pubes nicely trimmed and has a smooth ball sack making for a perfect oral playground.  In a few parts of his jerk off video Kelson turns around to show off his smooth white ass.  It looks so good with his tan skin above and below.  Kelson shows us ever hard inch of his sculpted body and hard cock as he strokes away.  A jerk off video is nothing without a cum shot.  Kelson doesn’t shoot too much but does let loose a load that looks great on his tan skin and dark pubes.  After he cums, Kelson looks right at the camera and smiles knowing that he’s done a very good job for his first time naked on camera. 

Kelson is one of my favorite amateur guys that jack off at Dixter.  To watch Kelson’s entire video and see other amateur men unload in solo and hardcore action you have to go to Dixter.

4 Blake Mason Amateur Men Have An Orgy

4 Man Orgy at Blake Mason

Blake Mason has reached a big milestone; 400 videos on their amateur British men site.  To celebrate, they asked 4 of their member’s favourite models to come over to the mansion for a 4 man orgy.  1 guy for every 100 vids filmed.  The result was 32 minutes intense man on man sex filmed in HD.


Matt starts things off by getting everyone naked and sucking the other three’s uncut cocks.  Blake Mason is kind of known for their uncut amateur men with big dicks so all 4 of these guys are uncut and of good size.  Not a single one of them has less than a 7 inch cock.  The four give each other an oral worshiping that will make any oral fan happy and horny.  The guys suck and lick each other’s hard dick, ass, nipples, balls, and feet.  Yes!  There is even foot action in this special edition for all you guys into big strong feet.  With everyone’s cocks covered in saliva and Tony’s ass dripping from a good rimming, Tony sits down on Matt’s fat cock and rides it like an American cowboy.  Matt loves fucking Tony’s ass but is open to sharing so he makes way for Robbie who slides his dick into Tony’s wet stretched  ass hole.  Matt and Jack 69 and rub each other’s cocks just inches from Tony and Robbie’s fuck fest.  Not one to leave a friend in the cold, Tony pulls Jack over for his turn at Tony’s ass.  Robbie rides him hard and Tony totally gets off on it.  Matt’s dick, remember Matt started all this, is throbbing for more ass but Tony’s is occupied so he thrusts his big dick into Robbie’s ass as Tony is sucking his dick.  With all of the cock massage Tony’s prostate can take he is the first to cum, shooting a load onto his hairless chest and stomach.  Robbie, Matt, and Jack all follow in turn covering Tony in a cum bath that none of us will soon forget. 

So, if you like big uncut dick, British men, oral worship, foot play, cock sucking, rimming, ass fucking, gang bangs, tattoos, or cum baths, this video is for you.  If you’re reading this and hard after seeing the pictures above then this video is definitely for you.  Go to Blake Mason now for the HD 4 man orgy video and check out the solo and hardcore amateur British men in 399 other videos.


Uncut First Timer In All Male Military 3 Way

Gage Miles and Spencer in Caught in the Crossfire 3

This scene from Active Duty’s movie Caught in The Crossfire 3 is so damn hot and action packed it’s hard to keep track of who’s fucking, sucking, or rimming who.  The scene features hunky straight newcomer to the Flamingo line up Miles and two familiar faces (and cocks) Spencer and Gage.  I’ve always had a hard thing in my pants for Gage and his sweet ass so seeing him paired with these two absolutely gorgeous military studs was like a wet dream cum true.  So, where to start…


New comer Miles starts on the bed jerking off for what he believes is a solo performance.  Once his cock is hard, tattooed military stud Spencer comes out, whips out his semi hard cock and starts stroking with him.  Miles doesn’t seem to care much and from the hard to conceal looks in Spencer’s direction wants more of his hard meat than he lets on.  As the two men jerk off together, in walks Gage who without a second of hesitation joins right in with the jerking session.  Spencer knows what he wants and reaches out to grab Mile’s thick uncut tool saying he wants to see whose cock is thicker.  After a few minutes of close observation, I think Miles dick is the thicker.  Impressed by Miles dick, Spencer slides down and puts his mouth right onto Miles hard cock and starts sucking.  As Gage continues stroking his own dick he tells Miles it’s only fair that he return the favor to Spencer.  From the hesitation and tenderness Miles shows it actually looks like his first time with another man’s cock in his mouth.  Gage moves over and puts his lips and tongue down to Miles hard uncut cock for a taste of his own as Miles sucks Spencer.  Spencer moves down and joins in as the two suck and lick Mile’s balls and hard cock.  It’s a very cool sight to see Mile’s foreskin sliding up and down across the head of his engorged cock as Spencer moves his tongue up and down that wonderful shaft. 


It’s at this point where things get fuzzy in my mind as the blood was leaving my brain and filling other parts of my anatomy.  Lots of hardcore 3 way action with everyone sucking each others cocks, rimming Gage’s smooth ass, and fucking.  One of the rewind moments is when Gage is getting rimmed by Miles as he sucks Spencer’s dick.  Gage has such a nice ass.  After Miles gets Gage’s hole nice and wet he slides his thick cock right in to the base.  The sucking and fucking continues with some nice close ups until Gage shoots a huge load as Miles continues to pound his ass.  Miles sees how much Gage enjoyed a dick in his ass and moves into position so Spencer can break his man cherry.  Spencer goes in nice and slow and is gentle with the newbie at first.  It isn’t long before he is absolutely pounding Miles ass and Miles doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact, Miles shoots a stream of cum onto his neck, chest, and shoulder as Spencer continues moving in and out of his virgin ass.  Having spent his load and suffering post cum sensitivity, Miles asks Spencer to cum on him.  Spencer moves up and shoots his load onto Miles face.


The straight and bisexual military studs always seem to have the best sex and Active Duty is the site where amateur military men get together.  Be sure to visit Active Duty to watch scenes online (including this one) from Caught in the Crossfire 3 or go to Dirty Bird Pictures to buy the DVD so you can pause and rewind these incredible men on the big screen.

Fernando’s Cock Sucking Sleepover

Happy Ending Bed Time Story at Twinkscape

 Fernando invites his twink friend Patrick to sleep over in this cock hungry episode from twinkscape. 

As the two young men lie in bed in their tight boxer briefs, Fernando reaches over and starts rubbing on Patrick’s tight round ass.  Patrick is just as horny as his friend and is happy to satisfy Fernando’s hunger.  The two twinks continue the rubbing and get into some heavy kissing showing us plenty of their smooth fat-free bodies.  Both guys have a very nice ass and Patrick sports quite a bulge in his briefs.  Fernando notices how excited his friend is and lowers Patrick’s underwear to reveal a rock hard dick that is ready to be sucked.  And suck that hard dick is exactly what Fernando does.  He goes to town on Patrick’s cock like a starving Ethiopian.  He gobbles every hard inch and only removes Patrick’s dick from his mouth when he has to breathe.  Fernando is a skilled cock sucker as can be seen by the looks on Patrick’s face as well as the moans and statements made by Patrick as he gets an awesome blow job.  After a bit, Fernando’s uncut dick becomes hard as well showing exactly how excited he is having Patrick’s hard dick in his mouth.  When Patrick sees how hard Fernando is he stands Fernando up, pulls back Fernando’s foreskin, kneels in front of him, and begins sucking his hard dick.  Patrick’s dick doesn’t go soft for a second as he provides an equally skilled sucking session to his uncut, tan skinned friend.  Fernando moves back to a supine position with Patrick hovering over.  Both of these cute guys cocks are throbbing hard and ready to explode. Both men shoot their cum onto Fernando’s torso.  The white cum on Fernando’s tan and ever so slightly hairy chest and stomach looks so hot.  If you haven’t cum by the time they do, you will after seeing both guys shoot.  As an added bonus, after Patrick cums he looks into the camera with the biggest and cutest smile on his face.  


To see all the pictures and full length cock sucking video of Fernando’s sleep over with Patrick you have to go to Twinkscape.  If you like watching cute, skinny, big dicked Patrick you’ll be pleased to see that he has other cock sucking and ass fucking videos to fill your twinkie appetite. 

18 Year Old Matt First On Film Jerk Off

Matt Jacks Off at 18 and Up Studs

While browsing through the model directory at 18 and Up Studs I came to Matt’s picture and immediately clicked.  He has such a cute puppy-dog face.  The site owners found Matt at a local club, talked him up, and brought him back for this, his first shoot.


Matt looks a little nervous as he slowly removes his shirt and pants.  He leaves his plain gray baggy boxers on for a while as he plays with his dick.  It’s just a guess, but, I have a feeling that there was some hot porn playing off to the side because he constantly looks that direction and as he does his dick gets bigger and harder.  His dick pops a nice tent in his underwear as he continues to stroke it.  Matt has a nice smooth chest with pierced nipples and a little treasure trail of hair that runs from his belly to the base of his dick.  He takes off his boxers to show us his nice hard dick.  The pubes are trimmed but look natural and aren’t shaved off like so many of the twinks you see all over the web.  His dick is average size and stands up nice and straight.  Quietly, Matt continues to stroke his cock and occasionally plays with his nipple ring and tugs on his smooth ball sac.  One of the nice things about Matt’s pictures and video is the close ups.  We get to see his balls, cock, stomach, and chest right up close.  Watching him change between a regular stroking motion to the Texas Grip is a total turn on.  As the intensity builds, Matt strokes faster, cups his balls, pants a bit, then shoots his cum onto his nice smooth chest and stomach. The look on his face after the finale is priceless. 

Matt’s full length jerk off video, as well as an action scene, are only available at 18 and Up Studs.  Visit 18 and Up Studs today for more first time twinks, jocks, and average Joe’s in amateur solo and hardcore action.





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