Hairy Straight and Uncut

 Hairy straight and 8.5 inches of uncut cock

When I first visited Dixter to find some new amateur porn stroking material I was immediately drawn to this guy Rad.  There is something about him that is just so damn sexy.  So, where to begin…


Rad is a 27 year old straight guy that loves knowing people will be getting off looking at his naked pictures.  He has a wonderful body that is muscular and well proportioned.  Rad is a professional kick boxer so you know he works out a lot and has got to be flexible.  Rad has a nicely hairy chest, stomach, and ass.  Not too much hair but enough to show he is all man.  At only 5’8” tall his 8.5 inch uncut cock looks huge.  Not that an 8 inch dick is ever really small.  Maybe it looks bigger because he keeps his pubes trimmed very short.  Even when his dick is standing hard the foreskin covers about half of the head giving guys that like to play with the skin plenty of fun. 


Lucky enough for us, Rad has 2 videos at Dixter as well as some damn hot photos. You can watch Rad’s preview video or check out some of the other amateur men unloading by going to Dixter’s preview now. 

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  • BayAreaGuy:

    This guy is very hot, and he has an amazing cock. I’m curious to know why you’d refer to him as “hairy chested,” though. Have all those years of waxing and shaving caused us to lose perspective? So now, if a guy has more than three chest hairs, he qualifies for “hairy chested”? Bizarre.

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