Fat Dicked Brit In England Soccer Kit

Aaron strokes his fat cock at UK Scally Lads

Aaron is a slim guy from Manchester.  He loved the thought of doing a shoot in front of a hotel window to give a free show to anyone passing by.  Aaron starts in the window arch, in his blue trackies and white England soccer top.  He begins playing with himself under his pants a bit then takes them off to to reveal matching England soccer shorts. It is obvious that Aaron’s dick is already hard by the buldge in his shorts.  As he pulls out his cock it is also obvious that Aaron is thick.  Aaron turns over and plays with his ass a bit.  Even though he is a top, he doesn’t mind a little fingering to get his juices flowing.  With people below looking up into the window, Aaron decides it might be best to finsh up in his room.


Aaron relaxes on the bed and has a drink while he wanks his thick tool.  Be sure to find Aaron in the model’s section at UK Scally Lads and watch his free preview video to see just how big he really is. Aaron is really into soccer gear, including his shoes.  He rubs his fat cock in and out of his sneakers then enjoys the cock and feet smells coming from them.  Aaron adds some lube to his dick and shoots a load of cum onto his chest and stomach.


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