Muscled Marine Dorian Cums Twice

Dorian and Chaz 69 then fuck each other in Double Time 2


In scene one of Dirty Bird’s latest “Double Time 2” Dorian shows how the military training has built built up not only his body but also his stamina.  The guys come into the pool house and strip out of their wet bathing suites and show off their sexy bodies. They hop on the bed and sprawl out naked side-by-side.  Chaz moves in and starts sucking on Dorian’s hard cock.  Chaz apologizes to Dorian saying he is out of practice.  Being a good friend, Dorian says he can practice away.  After a bit of acclimation, Chaz is deep throating Dorian as he strokes his own hard dick.  Chaz tells Dorian to suck his dick too and the two move into a 69 position.  With Dorian on top, his dog tags jingle as he moves up and down Chaz’s engorged cock.  Chaz moves his tongues attention to Dorian’s hairy asshole and begins to provide some heavy licking action.  With Dorian’s hole wet and ready, Chaz moves his dick in and takes over stimulating Dorian’s tight ass.  Dorian flips Chaz over onto his back and sits on Chaz meat from the edge of the bed.  Dorian rides cock like there is no tomorrow and sprays a load all over the floor as Chaz’s  dick moves inside of him. 


Dorian asks Chaz if he is ready.  The huge load that Dorian shot across the floor didn’t affect his dick much as it’s still rock hard and ready to ream Chaz’s ass.  Chaz bends over and takes all of Dorian’s hard dick with pleasure.  Dorian fucks him hard until both men cum with explosive pressure. 

Video clips and pictures from this scene can be viewed in the members area of Active Duty.  To  watch the entire video, go to Dirty Bird Pictures now.

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