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Hairy Straight and Uncut

 Hairy straight and 8.5 inches of uncut cock

When I first visited Dixter to find some new amateur porn stroking material I was immediately drawn to this guy Rad.  There is something about him that is just so damn sexy.  So, where to begin…


Rad is a 27 year old straight guy that loves knowing people will be getting off looking at his naked pictures.  He has a wonderful body that is muscular and well proportioned.  Rad is a professional kick boxer so you know he works out a lot and has got to be flexible.  Rad has a nicely hairy chest, stomach, and ass.  Not too much hair but enough to show he is all man.  At only 5’8” tall his 8.5 inch uncut cock looks huge.  Not that an 8 inch dick is ever really small.  Maybe it looks bigger because he keeps his pubes trimmed very short.  Even when his dick is standing hard the foreskin covers about half of the head giving guys that like to play with the skin plenty of fun. 


Lucky enough for us, Rad has 2 videos at Dixter as well as some damn hot photos. You can watch Rad’s preview video or check out some of the other amateur men unloading by going to Dixter’s preview now. 

Muscled Marine Dorian Cums Twice

Dorian and Chaz 69 then fuck each other in Double Time 2


In scene one of Dirty Bird’s latest “Double Time 2” Dorian shows how the military training has built built up not only his body but also his stamina.  The guys come into the pool house and strip out of their wet bathing suites and show off their sexy bodies. They hop on the bed and sprawl out naked side-by-side.  Chaz moves in and starts sucking on Dorian’s hard cock.  Chaz apologizes to Dorian saying he is out of practice.  Being a good friend, Dorian says he can practice away.  After a bit of acclimation, Chaz is deep throating Dorian as he strokes his own hard dick.  Chaz tells Dorian to suck his dick too and the two move into a 69 position.  With Dorian on top, his dog tags jingle as he moves up and down Chaz’s engorged cock.  Chaz moves his tongues attention to Dorian’s hairy asshole and begins to provide some heavy licking action.  With Dorian’s hole wet and ready, Chaz moves his dick in and takes over stimulating Dorian’s tight ass.  Dorian flips Chaz over onto his back and sits on Chaz meat from the edge of the bed.  Dorian rides cock like there is no tomorrow and sprays a load all over the floor as Chaz’s  dick moves inside of him. 


Dorian asks Chaz if he is ready.  The huge load that Dorian shot across the floor didn’t affect his dick much as it’s still rock hard and ready to ream Chaz’s ass.  Chaz bends over and takes all of Dorian’s hard dick with pleasure.  Dorian fucks him hard until both men cum with explosive pressure. 

Video clips and pictures from this scene can be viewed in the members area of Active Duty.  To  watch the entire video, go to Dirty Bird Pictures now.

Adam Fucks Jed At Blake Mason

Adam sucks, rims, and fucks Jed at Blake Mason

18 year old Adam and 21 year old Jed team up for some hot dick sucking, rimming, 69, and fucking action at Blake Mason.  Both guys are regulars on the site and have quite a fan following.  A pairing of these two was requested by someone on the members forum so…

Without much hesitation Jed starts things off by leaning in and kissing Jed as the two are getting out of their jeans.  The kissing only lasts long enough for the clothes to come off and Jed goes down on Adam to take all 7.5 inches of Adam’s hard uncut meat down his throat. The two men 69 and Adam turns Jed over to rim his awaiting hole.  From a standing position at the edge of the bed, Adam slides the tip of dick slowly into Jed.  From the look on Jed’s face this is something he truly enjoys and wants more.  And more he gets!  Adam fucks Jed’s ass long and hard from at least three positions before Jed shoots a huge load while Adam continues to fuck him.  Adam cums too in a spectacular finale to a wonderful pairing of two very hot British amateur men.

The entire video is 21 sex filled minutes and members get a 4 minute bonus clip that is sure to make someone happy.  This video as well as other HD video hardcore and solo jerk off performances by Jed and Adam can only be seen at Blake Mason – British Amateur Men.  Go to Blake Mason now to get your Brit on!


Inked Skater Dude Strokes His 8 Inch Dick

Bryson probes his ass and strokes his 8 inch cock at Southern Strokes

Bryson is a wonderful new addition to the southern amateur guys at Southern Strokes.  He is about 5’10” tall and has very little body fat.  After looking at his pictures it’s hard to tell what his best feature is.  His cute smooth face with innocent smile, ripped lean body, silky skin, the tattoos, or his 8 inch dick that looks way bigger against his small frame and thin body.  Who cares!  This guy is way HOT!

Bryson has both a photo set and a jack off video where he shows off his favorite toy; a big glass dildo that he wets down with his saliva before sliding it into his slightly hairy muscular ass.  Bryson starts by showing off his inked body.  He flexes his biceps and gives us a look at his V shaped back that leads right down to an ass covered with a light coat of fuzz leading down to his hairy legs.  As he turns his attention to his dick it becomes obvious that Bryson is nicely hung.  He strokes his hard dick and fingers his ass before taking out a glass dildo that is about as big as his own cock.  He slides the glass toy into and out of his mouth to get it nice and wet then puts it right up his ass with a deep moan of sexual gratification.  He definitely knows what he likes and has had practice.  Bryson moans, groans, squirms, and pants as he strokes his rock hard dick and fucks himself.  The stream of cum that splatters all over his XXX stomach is a fitting end to one impressive show.

Visit Southern Strokes now to see more of Bryson and other southern amateur men in solo and hardcore action.  Southern strokes will leave you hot and wet.

Matt Fills 4 Hungry Holes With His Big Uncut Dick

Matt fills Anthony and Justin's asses with his 12 inch dick at English Lads

19 years old and 12 inches uncut, Matt Hughes more than fills Justin and Anthony’s 4 hungry holes in this 501 picture photo set from English Lads.  Anthony starts things off  by taking Matt’s 12 inch dick out the side of his boxers and sucks it until it is at full size.  Justin shows some amazing cock sucking skill as he takes the entire thing down his throat.  The three suck and jerk each other before Justin and Anthony fuck each other in preparation for Matt’s monster cock. 


As Anthony is giving Justin a good screwing, Matt comes up behind Anthony and slams his huge sex tool hard into Anthony’s hole.  Anthony writhes with the pleasure of screwing Justin and getting the biggest cock ever up his own tight ass.  The all male fuck train continues with Anthony in the middle until he shoots a wad of cum onto Justin’s slightly hairy chest with Matt’s dick still up his ass.  Matt then moves to stretch Justin’s ass as Anthony recoups.  Matt pulls out of Justin and strokes his hard dick a few times before both shoot cum everwhere at the same. 

All three of these men have exclusive photos and videos that can only be seen at English Lads.  To see more of Matt’s 12 inch dick and other hung, uncut amateur dudes from England you have to go to English Lads.

Jessie and Marcus Suck Jessie’s Dick

Jessie and Marcus suck dick at You Love Jack


Jessie and Marcus are both regulars at You Love Jack and have treated us to many an intense jerk off session with amazing cum shots.  The two of these well hung cum shooting studs together is like a dream come true for guys into big dicks, self sucking, and cum eating.


The two start off with some fun play; a little petting and slow stripping, with Marcus licking Jessie’s cock through his tight bulging underwear.  Marcus is already hard and sporting a very impressive tent in his own briefs as he goes all the way down on Jessie’s huge uncut tool.  Of course Jessie returns the favor and fills his cock hungry mouth with Marcus’ fat dick.  The two take turns sucking each other until Jessie stands on the couch and helps Marcus by sucking his own hard dick.  Jessie is known to self suck his big dick but to watch both do it at the same time is … well, you can see and judge for yourself!  The action gets even hotter as Marcus lays back and takes Jessie’s hot cum load into his wide open mouth and sprays his own jizz all over his tan muscular chest.


Both of these hot big dicked studs have individual jerk off videos as well as the full length video and pictures seen here.  You can only see these guys at You Love Jack.  Go to You Love Jack and see what real homemade amateur gay porn is all about!

Gavin Takes 2 Hard Cocks At Once

Gavin takes Josh AND Michael at Buzz West

These three amateurs at Buzz West have it all going on.  What more is there?  Michael, Josh, and Gavin treat us to some very hot three way action that is sure to leave even the most discriminating hard and wet.  All three have nice bodies with average looks.  The kind of guys you’d see hanging at Black’s Beach on a sunny southern California afternoon.


Michael and Josh start off with some kissing and back and forth dick sucking.  It isn’t long before both are hard and ready for more.  Neither of them is really into being fucked but the juices were flowing and they needed a tight hole to fill.  Gavin was near and has always wanted to take two guys at once.  Michael and Josh were more than willing to make Gavin’s fantasy come true.  Gavin jumps into the action and assists with getting Michael’s hard dick wet as the three suck each other at the same time.  Michael can’t wait and starts to open Gavin’s ass with his hard dick as Gavin continues to suck off Josh.  Michael gets onto his back so that Gavin can ride his pole.  The sight of Gavin’s ass being filled is too much for Josh.  He can’t wait any longer and pushes his hard cock into Gavin’s butt sharing the hole with Michael.  From the look on his face, Gavin doesn’t mind one bit as the two tattooed studs fuck his ass at the same time.  The climax occurs as both guys pull out and bust a load all over Gavin’s face.


Buzz West is full of hot San Diego amateur man action.  For immediate access to the full length video of Josh, Gavin, and Michael’s three way fuck fest as well as lots of other guys, go to Buzz West now.





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