Evan Fucks Cam


When Cam and Evan met it was obvious that Cam was excited. The two were going to do some soft core pictures out in the woods but Cam couldn’t keep his hands of Evan so they went back to the lake house and the real fun began.

Cam sucks Evans rock hard cock as Evan loosens up Cam’s tight hairy ass with his fingers. We are treated to some excellent close up pics of Evan’s dick in Cam’s mouth. Then Evan proceeds to fuck Evan in almost every position possible, even upside down! Cam shoots his load all over his chest and Evan’s arm as Evan dumps buckets of cum into Cam’s hungry mouth. Cam sucks every last drop of cum from Evans hard wet dick.

Evan and Cam are just two of the hot & horny southern amateur guys you can watch at Southern Strokes. Visit SouthernStrokes and see that they don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing.

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