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Bradley and Ethan Get It On

Bradley and Ethan 69 and Fuck

Punky Bradley with his two-tone hair, multiple piercings, and tattoo gets majorly fucked by big dicked Ethan in this HD video from Blake Mason – Amateur British Men.  The action starts with some heavy kissing and lots of petting.  It isn’t long before the clothes are off and Ethan’s large uncut cock is throbbing.  Bradley takes Ethan’s cock all the way down his throat as the two 69.  Ethan turns his tongue to Bradley’s ass. 


Bradley gets so excited that he flips around and sits right down on Ethan’s dick with only saliva for lube.  The fucking continues until both shoot nice loads of cum.  With Bradley on his back the stream of cum shooting into the air is wonderful and exciting to watch. 

To see the entire video you have to Visit Blake Mason.  If you like Bradley as much as we did, you’ll be happy to know that he has other videos online as well.

Vohn Fucks Fox

Vohn fucks Fox at 18 and Up Studs

Vohn and Fox are straight friends with benefits who both hope that their wives don’t find out they did this video.  Fox and Vohn start kissing each other on the bed.  It doesn’t take long before both are stroking each others hard cock and Fox puts Vohn’s full length in his mouth and down his throat.  Being a good friend, Vohn returns the oral favor then turns Fox on his side for a fucking that he won’t forget.  And neither will we.  The action doesn’t let up until Vohn cums onto Fox’s tender, stretched out hole.


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Evan Fucks Cam


When Cam and Evan met it was obvious that Cam was excited. The two were going to do some soft core pictures out in the woods but Cam couldn’t keep his hands of Evan so they went back to the lake house and the real fun began.

Cam sucks Evans rock hard cock as Evan loosens up Cam’s tight hairy ass with his fingers. We are treated to some excellent close up pics of Evan’s dick in Cam’s mouth. Then Evan proceeds to fuck Evan in almost every position possible, even upside down! Cam shoots his load all over his chest and Evan’s arm as Evan dumps buckets of cum into Cam’s hungry mouth. Cam sucks every last drop of cum from Evans hard wet dick.

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Charlie Jacks his 7 inch cock

Charlie Jacks his 7 inch cock at You Love Jack

Wearing a tee shirt and jeans Charlie sits on the sofa looking at the camera with his big blue eyes and a grin on his face. Charlie is straight but loves that guys get off watching him play with his oversized cock. He shoves his hand down his pants and gives his meat a couple of tugs before taking off his clothes to show us his slightly hairy chest, muscular hairy legs, big balls, and an impressively thick 7 inch dick that is already hard and standing at full attention.

Charlie shows off his big cock and beautiful body a bit then turns to the side for a better view, asks if we are ready to see him cum then blows a load of hot white cum onto the carpet and his stomach.

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